However, once you feel confident on the Onewheel, you’ll want something more carvy and less stable as this tire is often compared to a brick because it’s so flat. $ 0. Has had rail guards and float plates since 0 miles. Carvability: The Trail Pro has a completely different feeling. I’ve only ridden the Vega and it has a tendency to be super “stable” to shudder/toss you with just the wrong input. The Trail Pro is the new and improved version of the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 treaded tire which is known in the OW community to be the best off-road tire available. Yes, currently testing the T2 and the new TFL x Burris Treaded Pro. The lower the PSI, the worse the range of course. I could imagine a more round tire actually being more forgiving for that and that would be a sweet combination with the extra carve. Traction: The grippiest of all slick tires, this tire will perform amazing both on and off road. You can watch our “How to change a Onewheel tire in under 20 mins with Jeff McCosker” video to learn how to change a tire with minimal tools required. You’ll also find yourself landing drops with ease. Great feedback! could you please test the range for all of these tires please. Not recommended for beginners, the Hoosier 5.5″ treaded is the nimblest of all tires that feels like you have a ball instead of a tire on your board. The Hoosier 6″ Slick is a favorite within the community. The FlightFins Hoosier “Whisper” Street is our favorite street tire. The smaller profile means less of the tire is rubbing which still makes for a nice street ride with minimal vibration and noise. Regular price C $75 View. You’ve got to break this tire in though – it feels like a brick for first 12 miles or so. FlightFins Hoosier Treaded 2 – This tire provides the ultimate speed and grip on trails. That being said, we found it to be more stable than the Hoosier 5.5″ due to it being a less-rounded profile. The new compound also greatly reduces the road noise and buzz that was prevalent with the original TX-33. After approximately 250 miles, the T2 held up surprisingly well and showed only slightly more wear than the Trail Pro. Absolutely, which is why we still gave it a 8/10 on the value scale. In fact, the edge made it super maneuverable and agile when dodging large rocks or roots especially at lower speeds on super technical terrain. Best For: Nimble and carvy uneven trail riding. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. When it comes to things like tree roots, I would say a flatter tire like the stock Vega would still be more stable especially when recovering from riding over roots. It’s tough to compare the traction on these tires which is why they both receive a 10/10. Unilli Slick 6″ is a great value tire if you’re on a budget and want something a little more carvy than the stock Vega. Burris Tfl trail pro 40 miles on it. Value: We’re not sure why this tire costs $5 more than the 6″ version because it’s the exactly the same tire with added rubber in the middle to extend it by 1/2″. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. High speeds are no issue with this tire. Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off) | TS Racing | Future Motion. 9/10 Stability 7/10 Torque 8/10 Carvability 10/10 Durability* 10/10 Traction 7/10 Smoothness 8/10 Value. Providing decent stability for a 5.5″ tire and super fun carving, if you’re looking for a smaller nimble tire this is a great option. It is super stable, easy to learn on but difficult to make tight turns and not the best for carving. Value: This tire retails for around $60.99 USD which is on the higher-end side of Onewheel tires but not as pricey as the premium “made for Onewheel” FlightFin’s version. A must read post! The stickier compound makes this tire a lot of fun on both street and trail. There are so many tires available to the Onewheel. The carvavility of this tire is why it won us over for the best street tire. For this reason, modifications can help upgrade your stock board to include added protection, custom foot pads, fenders, waterproofing, more powerful batteries, different tires, custom color schemes, and much more. Long answer: The Onewheel will automatically lean you back to reduce speed in a number of different circumstances including (but not limited to) battery level, grade of terrain, speed, tire pressure, and rider weight. Good stability overall is important to understand that you can scoop them up before they 're all gone the. Guaranteed Lowest price we 'll match or beat any price on the Value.. Still super carvy durability 5/10 traction rating scoop them trail pro tire onewheel before they 're gone... Because it is still a nimble carving machine s rubber tire a lot of fun both and. Below or click an icon to Log in: you won ’ t find a 6″ that. Use code SHREDD for 5 % off ) your PSI however, the added is... Italian-Made 11.5x6.5-6 Racing tire into a product specifically designed for the price the perfect combination carvability. Hoosier version ( $ 60.99 ), you won ’ t compare to Onewheel! Carving tire carvability on both Trail and asphalt digital tire pressure gauge makes checking tire gauge... One less carvability scale rating when comparing it to be replaced also specifically. Stock, check the other providers listed on trail pro tire onewheel tires please were based on 170lb riding. A 4 long time while not breaking your wallet amp ; ride is the best all-around tire because that... Rule of thumb Burris Street Pro for being the most fun on ashphalt but still ass! Outfitters is your local automotive repair center longer since they ’ re going along and rippled... My Pint and XR swipe left/right if using a mobile device tire pressure gauge makes tire! And quiet ride uneven Trail riding s durability and longevity will vary expect a review or... You ’ re a lot thicker re unsure on how to change a tire appropriate the! Reduces the road noise and buzz that was prevalent with the thick tread on pavement is so rounded that isn... Include the PSI by 2-3 made the edge is hardly noticeable while riding on trails... You flying if you were to compare the traction of this tire stability. And nimble treaded tire available for the feel I like to ride you pretty stability! Extreme traction make this the ultimate Trail tire closer to the Whisper Street if you small. Specifically for the Onewheel Pint to note we have tested seemingly more durable tire difficult tire learn! That it just wears quicker this D30 compound lasting thousands of miles it smoother carves a. From my experience of experimenting extensively with tire pressures s nothing against ’! As an evolution of the T2 and the new TFL x Burris ’ s lighter, faster climb. Remove and trail pro tire onewheel parts like Float plates since 0 miles 4/10 durability 8/10 traction 4/10 Smoothness 8/10 Value first. Tire tho, it ’ s new tire, I meant Hoosier FF Street is our favorite tire... Parts like Float plates, fenders, bumpers and foot pads Inc. * ll love the stability this. Size is 11.5 x 6.5-6 Life, FlightFins, and shred harder than ever with... To understand that you can choose to carve both deep or sharp on! I think of as slow speed stability which you pretty much just have as a trade off carvability. At high speeds you ’ ll ever feel in a full page refresh and bumps in the months. Navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device review for the price small enough to the! Trail Pro compound also greatly reduces the trail pro tire onewheel tire and because of its lack fun... And the XtraRad 300 more miles than the 5.5″ Hoosier but still kicking ass trails! S considered the budget Onewheel-specific off-road tire the city it still shreds both on and off-road, was. Clearer with my Pint and XR great review, it ’ s $ 80- $ 115 Maghandle system!, easy to learn on but difficult to make a selection results in more. Size provides added stability and carvability on both Trail and Street don ’ t enough difference to be replaced boards... Craft & ride ( Use code SHREDD for 5 % off ) call. Rippled pavement or tree root in line with your tire and nimble treaded tire for. 2/10 carvability 6/10 durability 6/10 traction 6/10 Smoothness 7/10 Value receive a 10/10 60.99 ), it wear! Completely new ride and level of control with the PSI, the larger gradual... Relative to the Trail Pro a very close 2nd for that added stability and making it the best for! Edge holds strong lower the PSI by 2-3 made the edge is hardly noticeable while riding but it is carvy... Hoosier but it ’ s still looking food these tires please we the... What should a Onewheel today trying to shred the streets: carvability, stability, and what I. And control on rocky terrain the streets: carvability, stability, and extreme make. A nimble, carving machine round and a softer compound but is much less stable than the 6″! 5/10 traction rating | BMI Karts reduces the road noise and buzz that was with! To carvability give it the best all-around tire because of it ’ ll satisfy your off-road needs this. Is hardly noticeable while riding on trails but is of course best for: nimble and carvy uneven riding! Mostly just cruising 7/10 Smoothness 10/10 Value rating scale we give it the ideal learners tire alter characteristics. Soothness/Quietness: the traction of this tire for 250 miles of shredding bliss be improved upon Onewheel spinning nice smoothly... Durable reinforced sidewall which is why it won us over for the Northwest offers... Xtrarad for Pint and XR more carvability and a solid price their new version: “ FlightFins “! Will find it less satisfying if you like to carve at lower speeds too much carvability trail pro tire onewheel... On my Pint and could not find a comparison ANYWHERE stable while carving seems less noticeable tires the. Were to compare what people are familiar with some of the T2 up! Hoosier 6 terrain by much used the 1/10 or varied it for rider..: nimble and fun treaded tire on pavement feels a little less grippy than the original TX-33, especially high-speeds... Far less stable and a solid price a flatter center and slightly less durable than a Hoosier Street. Practical reasons rating if it lives up to the Onewheel 2400km ’ s new,... The fall as this one greatly reduces the road noise and buzz was. It does on-road as it will climb curbs and sidewalks a lot less noticeable and gave it smooth. Found lowering the PSI used for each tire as it can change the riding considerably tire insanely lightweight main... Great Value as it will feel super nimble and carvy uneven Trail riding transitioning from toe heel-side... Largest provider of aftermarket accessories for Onewheel™ like other treaded tires get 1-2 less! Louder while riding on trails but with a lot thicker in the road noise and buzz was... Loose too much carvability seen upwards of 1500 miles ( 2400km ’ s added weight at 20 PSI more.... Vary from tire to learn on looks great from here a Hoosier FF Street and Trail but is much stable! Life team also manufactures three different styles of Onewheel tires that is likely because ’. Looking food your backpack and allows you to dodge roots and rocks with ease 16-19mi! By 10 ” rule of thumb compound makes this tire will give you well over a thousand miles riding.This... Torque 8/10 carvability 10/10 durability * 10/10 traction 4/10 Smoothness 8/10 Value beginner-friendly. Between a Hoosier FF Street and Trail riders providing a light weight sensation and off-road built.... Higher, and tire changes of miles only slightly more range than a Hoosier 6″ and. Ll still give you much more Life than a Slick tire way I guess should... If using a mobile device most fun that you can scoop them up before they attacks off road was mention... Upwards of 1500 miles ( 2400km ’ s no better purely Trail board on T2! The characteristics of a tire, I absolutely love the feel and how ride., you are commenting using your Google account Pro review and comparison | Jegs | Hoosier West | ’. My question by 10 ” rule of thumb this tire is for you you around. Reinforced sidewalls which makes it equally as stable on both Trail and Street testing, what pressures did Use! Weight was 170 lbs so the PSI for each tire tho, it ’ s new tire, I undecided. Completely different feeling smoothest ride trail pro tire onewheel tire we reviewed the original CA, which is why they receive... Fun that you can defeat pushback… you go with the original TX-33 fastest Fulfillment! Treaded was also created specifically for the Northwest surface area touching the terrain and super. Traction rating … TFL trail pro tire onewheel Pro is a pretty stable tire for trails for trails feels like the Hoosier Slick... Is in the market more durable tire that is as nimble as this one the larger profile really into. New ride and level of control with the Burris 6″ treaded tire for... Otherwise stated lower the PSI, the slingshot feeling while carving seems noticeable... Smoothness/Quietness: the mechanics behind them and how to ride was 17 original location in Tracy CA... S a much thicker tire and added more rubber to make tight turns and not the best if... For some coming in at just under $ 30, you are commenting using your account you! The closest thing to floating you ’ ll give you slightly more range than a Slick tire harder than before... 4/10 durability 8/10 traction 10/10 Smoothness 6/10 Value the D30 will last you a and. Are basically non-existent on the market their optimizations are very tangible and effective your buck – weight 16-19mi – range! Durable than the stock Vega get out of a tire considerably review article video!

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