During December weather was good.Fort includes a shiva temple, venkat vihari temple, raani mahal, aman mahal and few other mahals located here and there. Since then, the hill has been considered a holy site, casting its shadow across the patches of grasslands as well as the densely forested valley. The Neelkanth Temple which was constructed by Parmardideva is the holiest shrine of Kalinjar. It was built by Chandela ruler Paramaditya Dev. The Shiva lingam is of blue stone in addition to the giant 18-arm statue in the temple. Kalinjar fort actual. In front of garbhgrah there is a roofless rectangular area which has sixteen pillars. Neelkath temple in Kalinjar fort, Kalinjar on April 30, 2018 This pavilion is a unique work of Chandel rulers in terms of architectural craft. Kalinjar means “kal” and “jer” means destroyer of death. Kotithith pound. Neelkanth temple is situated in the southern part of Kalinjar fort. Kalinjar is an ancient temple of the presiding deity Neelkanth Mahadev located in the western part of the fort. I visited the place on a two day outing to kalinjar-panna-khajuraho. Moti mahal. Kalinjar (Hindi: कालिंजर) is a fortress-city in the Bundelkhand region of central India.Kalinjar is located in Banda District of Uttar Pradesh state, near the temple-city and World Heritage Site of Khajuraho.The fortress is strategically located on an isolated rocky hill at the end the Vindhya Range, at an elevation of 1,203 feet (367 m) and overlooks the plains of Bundelkhand. It is 90Km from my present abode ie Satna, MP. Lord Shiva temple. We have to walk down165 stairs to reach this beautiful temple. Khajuraho Tourism; Khajuraho Hotels; Bed and Breakfast Khajuraho; Khajuraho Holiday Rentals; Flights to Khajuraho; Khajuraho Restaurants; Khajuraho Attractions According to legend, that place was Kalinjar where the Chandela rulers, who were Shiva bhakts, built in the 10th century a magnificent Neelkanth temple. Raksha pracheer , entrance gate. The mandap in front of the temple is exquisitely carved. Kalinjar Fort- A glory of Bundelkhand. This is the reason the Shiva temple at Kalinjar is called Neelkanth. The Chandela rulers of Bundelkhand also built the Kalinjar fort, which lives up to its name, ‘The destroyer of time’, between the 9th and 13th centuries. Equally interesting is a 24 feet high statue of Kal Bhairaav, with 18 hands which even found a mention in Abul Fazl’s Ain-i-Akbari . Raksha pracheer , entrance gate. Public entry ban. To go to this temple, caves and rock cut silpaktis are made on the way through two gates. That's why the Shiva temple at Kalinjar is called Neelkanth Temple. Moti Mahal. Now government using as office. Located in Vindhyachal mountain Range, at an elevation of 244 meters. The temple is built in a cave with two dark lingas inside - one each to indicate Shiva and his consort Parvati. Mrigdhara. Statues of Lord Shiva, Kaal Bhairav, Ganesh and Hanuman are carved on the stones on the way to the temple. The way to the shrine has inscriptions with amazing carved images of Shiva… Neelkanth Temple of Lord Shiva . 129 KM by road from World Heritage Site of Khajuraho. This place is good for people interested in history and archaeology. Kalinjar is a fortress-city in the Bundelkhand region, Banda District of state of Uttar Pradesh,India.of central India. Kotithith pound, Kalinjar fort,Lord Shiva temple. at 2 pm we finished our Target to visit Kalinjar fort. Rangmahal. These pillars are beautifully carved. One of the main attractions of Kalinjar is the Neelkanth Temple.

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