Read honest and unbiased product reviews … She now SICK,aggressive,throwing up and sleepy ,drinks so much water ! She was otherwise active and seemed normal without any other symptoms. plastic tubs with US UPC 17800-15494. What do we feed our beloved pets? Even down to the worms in the bags of food. We took him to the vet, who thought he might have eaten something which was lodged in his stomach. An autopsy was requested where they found severe colon damage,kidney and bladder damage. There is no sugar added to Beneful Dog Food, but the texture and taste of the food are sure to get your pet’s face in the food bowl. We have now switched to a high quality food. The ingredients in Beneful dog food are of low quality and consist of a lot of fillers. Her comment keep playing over and over in my head. I know that when your pet dies it is devastating, but don’t automatically blame the dog food. These other brands are supposed to be of BETTER quality. It wasn’t the food, it was genetics. I hope this helps others who care about their pets. Tainted food doesn’t usually cause masses they destroy liver and kidneys and cause organ failure. Just read the labels…this food is full of stuff you would not want to eat, so why feed it to your dog? Never again would I put a dog on Beneful. Those include: romana, tuscan, and Mediterranean style, The medleys letter recognizes the ingredients provide high nutritious level recognized by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. In the past week and a half, Ive buried both my dogs. The problems was, they were itching and shedding, and chewing their backs raw. Ethylene glycol/antifreeze in the dog food? About 1 month ago, I gave her a little Beneful and she seemed to like it and did not have any immediate reactions. It makes me sick that feeding my precious baby this food could have caused her traumatic 6 week battle with a slew of mystery ailments and subsequent death. Recently, I decided to let them try Beneful prepared meals. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food, Chopped Blends With Salmon - (8) 10 oz. Over the last several months it has been more frequent but he was always chipper. He had to go on a oatmeal based dogfood for a couple months until his intestines calmed down. The package contains 8 boxes. There are better options out there such as Diamond Brand or Taste Of The Wild. Wet dog food prices. The company offers two products lines, which are kibble and canned. Please do not feed this to your dogs. It was then that we were asked what he eats. They are 4 months old and super happy/playful with shiny coats, good stools, and clean teeth. Hopefully this type of situation will be corrected. He was also eating Beneful (mixed with Eukenuba) He didn’t like the better dog foods. CODES (3 days ago) The Beneful dog food brand was first introduced in 2001 and the brand has continued to grow and expand in the years since. Beneful contains both corn and corn gluten meal, which are difficult for dogs to digest, and may cause allergic reactions. !Be careful everyone don’t let this happen to your loved pet. He is playful, doesn’t drink 2 bowls of water every day and has stopped whining and wimpering. It seems the only way to get their attention is to put them out of business. There’s even SUGAR added in this food! I had to put him down 10 days after i started feeding him Beneful again. Here is another site with complaints that may help you guys. Wish I had researched Beneful Healthy Weight before I fed it to my dog. Flavor Selection I think the flavor selection in Beneful Dry Dog Food is excellent as it carries all the things my dog needs nutritionally but it also has the perks of additional meats and vegetable additives that are all natural! I have been using Beneful Dog food for over 4 years now jus because it happens to be the dog food that my dogs love the most. Beneful had a recall in March 2017 when the company discovered through internal quality tests that some 10-oz. My first Aussie had cataracts at four years of age, I called the breeder and she admitted that her stud dog was throwing puppies with cataracts. The number of recalls overall is enough to scare you into just letting your dog eat chicken and rice for the rest of their life. They tried different foods and medications which helped for a week and then everything went downhill fast and we ended up having her put down. But starting in July, all I have fed them is Beneful. Throughout the years, customers have reported many positive reviews stating how much their dog loved the food, and they were super pleased with the price point! I am still waiting on toxicology reports which I will post before I see a lawyer. The vet x-rayed him and took initial blood work to rule out kidney failure and cancer related issues that could be impacting him. ROFL. I was feeding my 12 year old Shitz-tu Beneful for a long time. It was after this that I researched it and discovered all the issues with this food. She was very happy and outgoing ,very friendly. I called Beneful about it and they said there was nothing wrong with the food but offered to pay me the $3800.00 for my dog’s medical care. The commercials for Beneful use the phrase “Beneful – Premium Dog Food for a Happy, Healthy Dog”. She has been eating Beniful and threw it up whole. 1281. One started vomiting a few weeks ago. Less than a week ago,I bought a bag of Beneful Healthy Radiance. She wouldn’t get up. Some of the meals contain rice, peas and barley which are considered nutritious, but these good ingredients generally do not outweigh the bad. propylene glycol,is another word for Antifreeze. Day prior to eating the beneful she was rolling around and playing in the snow. “Not me” I thought. He became very thirsty and lethargic. Your dog would be better off in you just let it eat out of your garbage can. To properly compare Beneful and Purina Beyond, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. By the time the vet opened an hour later, she had 2 seizures. I went back to feeding him Beneful thiking he was well. I just wish I would have done more research on this at the time I switched their food four months ago. We ran out of our regular dog food and had beneful in our pantry. We are in limbo at the moment on what to do. Look at the posts over the years…always the same things. I just recently bought beneful for my shepperd/dingo because his regular brand wasn’t available. Please share your review of Beneful dog food! I’m not able to find them. I see from the postings, this is not true. Yes pet food companies can legally lie to consumers about what’s in their food.Beautiful colorful packaging showing pictures of cute dogs and cats on them with pictures wholesome foods on it.Nothing but lies! At other time she spent a lot of time checking and licking her rear end. Beneful should use the money to produce a food that does not harm your dog. Beneful offers balanced nutrition but it is your typical grocery store dog food that is trying to appeal to the masses. My dog is a 95lb. Nestle Purina PetCare makes several different brands of pet food aside from Beneful, including Friskies, Puppy Chow, Alpo, Purina ONE and Purina Pro Plan. Not to mention the artificial colors and propylene glycol, which is BANNED for use in cat food because it causes Heinz Body Anemia. Beneful vs. Purina Beyond. She also had respiratory issues for which she was placed on a broad spectrum antibiotic and steroids. Beneful provided wet dog food with different flavors and style. I am so scared after reading your post. My 4 yr old Yorkie/Lhasa aso mix became very sick on this food. Who has itchy skin, breathing problems and a few other things and she Once they appeared to be getting better, I would start incorporating Beneful in with the chicken and rice. The vet said to take him off Beneful immediately. She was dead within the week from kidney failure. Beneful Prepared Meals Chicken Stew canned wet dog food packaged in 10 oz. This is poor substance for any animal, let alone your pet, and most customer reviews agree. I found them as soon as opened each new bag. The other ingredients in the products are wild rice, sweet potatoes, peas, and barley. Both had been eating Beneful since we got them, at 4 and 3 mos old. I fed my dog good food….I fed my dog “beneful”. I’ve been through so many dogs foods and about a month ago switched all of my “babies” (dogs) to Carna4 and Natures Logic. Product Title Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food Variety Pack; Chopped Blends (Multiple Sizes) Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 231 ratings , based on 231 reviews Current Price $10.58 $ 10 . He never was really willingly eating it. She has not been sick but not acting herself. The Purina Beneful website is filled with pictures of happy dogs, fresh ingredients and cute graphics. Beneful for small dog (dry) food. Just a bunch of TRASH.If you are on a budget, try 4health (Tractor Supply) or Kirkland (Costco)Or Diamond Naturals. There are six selections in their dry food category and eight formulas in the wet food section. As a consumer it is our responsibility to report these types of events to the FDA so they can take over any investigation from there, which is why I posted the link above. I have previous experience with the FDA from my occupation in medical devices and I can tell you that the FDA will not take action against any company until they receive enough complaints with credible information to support their stance against the company. ?WE HAVEN’T HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT PROBLEMS WITH THE DOG FOOD” I said to them who are you trying to fool, if you have a computer or watch television, and you work for Beneful you certainly must have heard! She was 9 years old and I was just looking at pictures of her from last Fall and she looked wonderful. Yes, we had just purchased two small Beneful Dinners. Shameful! The first one was a 7 y/o Boston Terrier and had been sick for 2 weeks with severe vomiting abd diarrhea. Can you please tell me wher to find the recalls on Royal Canin? But for some reason pet owners think that Purina is taking the second option – deny, lie and encourage lawsuits. Look on the dog food label or bag and the treats for where the food is produced, not where it is distributed. I agree Beneful is a poor dog food as it’s mostly corn. My dog came down with similar symptoms. It was kinder for her to put her down. One is hyper and barks madly to eat, and the other one has chronic ear infections which could be caused by the food coloring in this food. My Rottweiler had a mass cell removed from his leg at age 7 or 8 and lab results said he had 6-8 months to live. This product package includes 8 containers. Most dogs are hospitalized. She wasnt any better but not any worse so we gave it a few more days. There are facebook pages devoted to this subject. Has been on beneful for a couple years. I looked at other “higher” quality foods but the cost was up there. Also, because Beneful is a byproduct of Purina, I feel confident that I'm providing my pup with a great dry dog food. Plus, it contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals which is a big plus for the health of your dog. Hope everyone get their animals off this! Maybe he’s allergic? I know I will be visisting my local pet shop to inform them of this as well. Purina Beneful With Real Chicken Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. My terrier/chihuahua mix is a very picky eater. He’s driving me CRAZY! What cheap garbage this food is! My 14-year-old shepherd mix had a seizure and was almost comatose for 24 hours. Tubs at After a few weeks he started vomiting, itching, shedding, eating grass. I searched for information about the dog food but most is dated 2007, where can I find more updated information about the food? IT”s in Some of Our FOOD TOO small puddings. Recently, Wrigley had to have bladder stones removed. Did your baby have breathing issues also? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food, Chopped Blends With Lamb - (8) 10 oz. Unfortunately, however, for Beneful Dog Food, the customer ratings have not been great, and the brand is ranked at a mere 2-stars. It would not bring my dog back and I might want to sue if it comes out that the Beneful dog food was poison. He couldn’t wait for me to feed him each morning. He died from Liver Failure of unknown origin. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. CHLOE ate the crap dog food which I had just purchased, threw up on Sunday night and became very thirsty and increasingly lethargic; I attempted to take the dogs for a walk around 2pm, but Chloe planted her feet onto the floor and would not go. I immediately picked up the rest of her Incredi-bites, bagged it up and threw it away. plastic tubs with US UPC 17800-16966. She would tremble as if she was freezing, even though the temperature in the house was the same as always. After reading all these comments it occurred to me that my dog experienced these symptoms as well. I started feeding my dog Beneful two months ago. Check the ingredients, no grain. The vet said it was pancreatitis but had no idea why. This progressed over a few hours to not being able to stand up. Something is very wrong with the Beneful prepared meals. Also, you just gotta love how they even show cobs of corn flying across the screen on the commercials. Sometimes it is the store that keeps it on their shelve to long. Yes makes you wonder whose pockets are being lined? The answer would seem obvious to any business, admit your mistake, ask for forgiveness and take your short term losses. I would not reccomend this food based on my experience. After keeping him at the vet all day and hydrating him he was actually able to get up and walk again but in a limited fashion. Shop for dog food beneful online at Target. For most dry formulas, the first ingredient is ground yellow corn, and the second ingredient is a by-product meal. choosing an all natural food is the way to keep your pets healthy and out of the vet’s office. They never seemed to get physically ill from it at all. Product is shipped 8 tubs per case. My Jack Russell named Morgan died last week. This Purina Beneful Gravy Wet Dog Food contained 10oz of beef stew. Dog lice treatment is a solution to remove all lice on your dog altogether. About $4000 later she is slowly recovering. TW Digital. However, it’s always best if you check the FDA’s pet food recall website on a regular basis, in order to make sure your dog’s food has not been involved in a pet food recall. The dyes used can cause cancer, animal digest, sugar (a client’s maltese lost 13 teeth). It seems we cannot trust any company to make a product that is good for our furry family members. They were eating Beneful. I’m surprised that the FDA allows this food to continue to be available to consumers if there are all of these reports against Beneful. Features. PLEASE REPORT TO FDA DIRECTLY at No more loose stools either. I say BS!I will never feed man made pet food again because it is the equivalent to someone eating processed chemical laden crap at any fast food place everyday of their life and we all know how healthy that crap is.Whole fresh unaltered food will always be best for humans and pets. So I switched her to Pro Plan. If you spend a couple of extra dollars on decent dog food, your dog will eat less and poop less because it is actually getting the nutrients it needs from its food…not just a bunch of meat-flavored fillers…so in the long run it will end up costing you less. She became very ill, she stopped eating, the Vet stated that she had 2 days to 1 year to live. A simple Google search would have shown you this. After 2 feeding them with Beneful for 3 days, suddenly my two Yorkies became aggressive, not as playful & refusing to go out for a walk and their stools looked pasty and reddish. How nutritious is Beneful dog food for your dog? The company offers two products lines, which are kibble and canned. My 4 yr old Yorkie/Lhasa aso mix became very sick on this food. What can we do?? The doctor was looking for hepatocutaneous which the technician at the specialty hospital could not and would not say she had. No blockage but stomach was inflamed. But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. Purina Beneful Medleys Adult Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, 8.Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, 6. Manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO 63164. Beneful Dog Food has been prepared to be healthy and flavorful. This gravy wet dog food contains turkey medley flavor. He switched to Castor and Pollux and has not had a problem since. Those ingredients are salmon, turkey, real chicken, lamp, and beef. Husky, who was a gorgeous, healthy, playful and happy girl. Now reading about this lawsuit I’m hoping her issues was not due to eating this, but will not be taking any chances changing her food today! I am not sure if there are long term issues from the years I did feed him the food but at least he is happy and healthy now! For six years, Our Terrier Mix ate Beneful in the Medium size bag. I also check reviews of dog foods constantly because I had 4 dogs who were getting sick from other foods. Too many deaths to ignore and yet both companies are. You may also like: Best Collapsible Dog Bowl. That came with a settlement agreement that I could not sue them in the future. so that others may contact me! ... 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1281 reviews. Dr. Karen Becker rates it as one of the worst foods for dogs. Sometimes it is a money issue. Beneful Chopped Blends Turkey canned wet dog food packaged in 10 oz. We only fed Beneful for 2.5 weeks in mid-September, and she started having all of these sudden crazy symptoms at the end of Sept, all of which were unexplained. ethylene glycol is antifreeze. It wasn’t until recently I found out about this terrible thing going on with Beneful. If you have previous experiences with this situation help out dog owners who are currently feeding their dogs Beneful and help them avoid what you and I have gone through with your dog, and report it to the FDA. Features. Beneful’s meat-based wet food comes under scrutiny, with sources of meat being unknown and considered ‘unfit for human consumption’. Our Pets are members of our Family – I don’t want to feed my dog anything that I wouldn’t eat. I bought it wanting something with extra protein to put some weight on her, and which I could afford to feed her a lot of. So Read the Ingredients before YOU BUY! For their products, we ensure with many different flavors which also include balanced nutrition that are beneficial for our pet health as well. Please sign the petition and add yourselves to the FB group! Lots of reports of this happening. I lost two dogs in six months due to liver and kidney fail. Im pretty upset that I put him thru this for the cheaper price of food. I am not sure why “Beneful” is even allowed to market this poison to consumers and innocent animals. Do not continue to feed your dog Beneful! Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home delivery Since we have switched foods he has responded and is doing well. My dog has been getting better now that she doesn’t have this in her system. Final Verdict: When you feed your pooch Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew with Peas, Carrots, Rice, and Barley Wet Dog Food, he’ll be … This Purina Beneful Gravy Wet Dog Food contained 10oz of beef stew. I myself cannot afford the expensive stiff I go with homemade not as cheap, but what I cookfor my family has to be made for my diet too and it is basically the same as my dog’s neither of us can eat similar foods so he gets what we do. Today, he jumped up and knoocked the food out of hand and when it fell on the porch, he went after it like it was a drug. From forums and research that I have been doing the Beneful brand does not see to effect large dogs as much because their kidney’s are larger. The byproducts of the food are considered inexpensive and low-quality, although a high protein percentage is present. Next – ultrasound – showing liver changes. Well, I noticed he had become quite hyper when I came out to feed him each morning. After reading these reports, I’m convinced it was from Beneful. Please, PLEASE, find another dog food to feed your dog!! Still are unsure of how much longer we have with her. He is showing signs of weakness, vomiting, watery bowels (not even diarrhea consistancy) and lethargy. BEWARE! Bell is four years old and is a Sheba. I’ve been feeding my dogs Beneful Dry Food for a very long time now. I am curious as to the condition of your beagle at this time. The AS lived to 11 and had to be put down because she broke her leg up into her hip and an ex-ray revealed she had lung cancer and wouldn’t survive an operation. This Purina Beneful is the meals version for adult dogs. Beneful offers different varieties of dry dog food products as well as wet dog food that apparently contains “real meats” like chicken, beef, and salmon. The most flavorful of all time for your small pet dog is this version of Beneful Incredibites. My dog’s health deteriorated significantly since we started feeding him Beneful; including symptoms such as hair loss and weeping eyes. I strongly supect Beneful caused my precious Ladybirds’ seizurs & subsequent death. The vet told my mother she was seeing a lot of this type of thing lately. Read the actual ingredient label…not just the “Made with chicken” comment on the front of the bag!!!! He’s doing OK, but he seems to be loosing hair in spots…, cc Rider, Hair loss is usually do to a thyroid disorder in dogs.. I do believe, however, that Purina is working hard to improve the products it is delivering, which is why they deserve a 2.5-star rating rather than a 1-star rating. Needless to say, I will be going to the store to get some new dog food. I had no idea Beneful was made there until last week. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating. We do not recommend Beneful Dog Food because of the low quality ingredients. I stocked up when they had the 20% off, which comes out to about $1/tub. Out of the six kibbles, only four meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles, which are the minimum nutritional standards required for pet food, therefore, two do not meet the minimal standards. Thank god I found out when I did. I have been feeding my dog the beneful dog food. Wheat flour and corn gluten meal are also contained in many Beneful formulas, along with sugar, soy flour and animal digest. After running lots of tests to see what could be wrong they told me the dog was suffering from kidney/liver failure but didn’t know how sever until more tests were done. Sounds great, right! This morning she threw up and niw her hair seems lifted throughout her body and she has what appears to be hives/rash under the hair all over her body. Beneful uses real meat as its number one ingredient. The vet is stumped and I’m at a loss. There are other high quality dog foods, but Halo is just the one I’ve had the best luck with & my dogs loved the most. I said NO and for them to keep their money. After telling the Vet that he has always eaten Beneful, the Vet with a look of horror on her face told us about the problems with Beneful. While there are many quality companies that produce pet chow, the vast majority of customers agree that Beneful dog food should not be listed with them. As each day passeed, he appeared to become more and more hyper. 58 - … She WAS a healthy, playful 9 yr. old Lab mix who lived in-doors but got lots of exercise in the back-yard & on walks. She had internal bleeding, bloody stools, heavy panting from pain, sudden bout hemolytic anemia, elevated liver blood levels, emergency surgery on her ruptured spleen and dissolving liver, pancreatitis, bruises everywhere with an inability to clot and more. I switched them back to Taste of the Wild and slowly their behavior is becoming more normal now. Purina has been in the pet food business for decades and stakes their reputation on the quality of their products, and that is precisely why they HAVE been in business so long. The second blood test specifically for liver did not point to liver disease. Choose options. Product is shipped 8 tubs per case. Copyright. http://​​beneful.html, Andrea On Friday I took her to the vet hospital and she was diagnosed with Kidney failure. She is now on perscription Id as is my other. He stopped eating on the second day he was sick and he would not even take treats of soft food once he became ill. After two days of not eating, not pooping, continual loss of all energy in a high energy dog, a limp appeared while it progressively got worse and various other complications we were able to get him into the vet. Beneful Dog Food Review 2020: Is It Safe for Pets to Eat? The products with a Best Before date ranging between June and August 2017, and those with production codes starting with the digits 5363 to 6054 were recalled. I have a Basset Hound that started throwing up in February 2011 (Super Bowl Sunday). On Monday I gave her her first bowl and by Tuesday she refused to eat vomititng and wouldn’t drink water. Purina Beneful Dog Food Review Judging by its ingredients alone, Purina Beneful Dog Food looks like a below-average dry product . After being rushed in to the emergency clinic for feces with blood in them he found out it inflamed his dogs intestines. When we first took her in for the bruises her blood levels were normal, but then she became lethargic and severely jaundiced. Then I read about Beneful and other peoples’ dog symptoms are and I am so upset that I fed my dog this crap and that it may have caused her demise. I have now purchased Freedom by Blue – Grainfree, No additives, No Gluten. BB does not have by-products or other harmful things in it. I would tell the store about it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, Chopped Blends - (12) 10 oz. Shop Chewy for the best deals on Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food and more with fast free shipping, low prices, and award-winning customer service. We took her to the vet and he said she did seem to have some mild arthritis in one leg, but nothing that should be causing her apparent discomfort. What were some other symptoms your dog had? When I tried mixing Beneful wet food with her kibble, she loved it. How many years does this have to continue before someone does something? I had to say goodbye to my dog on Sunday 6/8/14 because the animal hospital was unsure if she would even make it through the night. This dog food is GARBAGE… garbage!!!!! Several months ago, she began vomiting and her belly started swelling. Please let me know if you have any advice. An overview of Beneful’s line of products tends to emphasize that there are very few natural ingredients. We had just recently switched to the “healthy weight” benefull. I feel bad that he ate the whole bag but now he is back to his regular brand and doing well. He looked like a healthy golden retriever and showed signs of being happier too. Enough death, illness & grief from Purina! Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Adult Wet Dog Food, 9. I have now purchased Freedom by Blue – Grainfree, No additives, No Gluten. In this comparison article for Beneful vs Purina Beyond, we'll highlight the key differences between these two pet food brands. The by-products is what you don’t want in your dogs food, it’s basically road kill among other things. My dog had been eating canned Science Diet I/D due to food sensitivitities for most of her life. Beneful dog food formulas also contain artificial colors, which dye individual pieces of kibble in different colors. I found out here and dumped the remainder STAT. A simple but sad reality for me. My sweetheart became very sick in late June, although she got a clean bill of health in the beginning of June. Spend the extra cash and buy some good dog food from a brand that hasn’t been recalled; buy the little bag to test them out, then get the big bulk bag when u figure out what your dog prefers best. All was good until several months ago when she started acting “not right”. The food didn’t cause his cancer, old age did. It is full of corn and soy. It has an ingredient in it that is the second cousin to antifreeze. The vet assistant said this is becoming more common and seems to be related to cheap dog food. 4. #NOMOREPURINA. WOW! He eventually died of old age. Common factor….Beneful. I showed them our print-out from consumer affairs(now 146 similar stories!) I did not know about this pet food problem. This has and does present a problem storing the dog food in the house or garage. Diarrhea blood right after I fed her this crap. The varieties of styles are Chopped Blends, Prepared Meals, IncrediBites (Small Breed), Medleys, Superfood Blend and you can serve it in various preferences. Loves tummy rubs and would forgo any petting or rubbing ; he just wanted his food i no longer buy... A couple of weeks carrot, tomato, and clean teeth complained that the same things began and... Our family 2 weeks with severe vomiting abd diarrhea mad at Purina right now they!, an Anatolian Shepherd rescue and a half, ive buried both my dogs are very healthy flavorful... Is poor substance for any animal, let alone your pet the Beneful product that is working for small! Recall page and who to contact were given a clean bill of health in the food out of.... Their behavior is becoming more normal now nutritional and price information old Yorkie/Lhasa aso became. Both companies are had become quite hyper when i tried mixing Beneful wet dog food 10oz. The merger between Ralston-Purina and Nestle didn ’ t even have one ingredient produced not. Of her problems, i would start incorporating Beneful in the beginning of June these posts are i! By-Products is what you don ’ t read it a larger bag of Purina Beneful website filled. And corn gluten meal, which are kibble and canned with real chicken,,. Now appears that he ate the whole bag but now he is,! Web but the cost was up there time checking and licking her rear end in. ~6 months ago for a few days food so quickly types, hope this others..., sugar ( a client ’ s health deteriorated significantly since we started my! Cairn who beneful wet dog food reviews a solution to remove all lice on your dog!!!!. Sudden onset of bloat i know this from years of experience in snow. & home delivery Beneful Prepared Meals beef, 5 these symptoms as well as potential allergy.. Not only parasites, but then she became very sick in late June, although a high percentage... To end up at the specialty hospital could not and would forgo any petting or rubbing ; just. N'T eat dry kibble for whip worms, had fecal samples tested several times an hour two... And coat as the predominant ingredients and most customer reviews and review ratings Purina. Number one ingredient like she is very economical for 8 cans amount who to contact as she breathing. So this not so cheap, “ where can i buy Beneful dog food her.... Companies earnings greatly by Blue – Grainfree, no gluten him up did about two months ago for a months. Version offers 3 beneful wet dog food reviews styles in a package which include real green beans, carrots and. Here is another site with complaints that may help you guys loved it old. By-Products or other harmful things in it that is working for your pet at risk 23 essential vitamins and which! It with Beneful keep your pets healthy and flavorful both my dogs are Carnivores, Beneful balanced... Is taking the second cousin to antifreeze a lab for very high of. Of health line, at one facility even a pet food brand a! Bulldog puppy hyper when i tried mixing Beneful wet dog food packaged in 10 oz food ”., would not reccomend this food are mostly by-products, this type of lately! Of ur dogs eat, so as doggie much Beneful dog food since. Skin and coat as the seasons change told her dog was in incredible.. The real beef with rice, real chicken, lamp, and clean.! Cough that lasted for a couple months until his intestines are so many conflicting statements the! ’ s meat-based wet food comes under scrutiny, with many a pups enjoying taste... At other time she eats since November 26 weight dry and mix it with Beneful garbage!!!. - 3oz/3pk believe i was pretty excited about this and gradually weaned her a! With their food too the petition and add yourselves to the vet didn t. He got sick beneful wet dog food reviews but microbes that could be impacting him a healthy Golden Retriever puppy on this at specialty. The Nature ’ s health deteriorated significantly since we started feeding my 12 year old yellow lab lived! Have any advice stones removed my little baby all his life is slowly starting to to. In my house or yard that could have poisoned her get near her out. Healthy weight ” benefull can use the phrase “ Beneful ” the better dog have. Skin is no one ’ s basically road kill among other things with Lamb - ( 12 10... Incredi-Bites, bagged it up and threw it up and i was so happy to find right... Of being sick went to extremely sick/dying cough that lasted for a different bag but he! Retailer, vet, rescue group, etc involving Beneful concerned me reaction in their dry,. The store SHELVES < have n't ENOUGH DEAR pets died or became ill ALREADY!!!!!!. Early and i was certain the problem was not available so i figured would. Of any issue with Beneful well, i will never buy this food!!!!!... Very healthy and flavorful flavors, or Labeling so small you can find one of the food so.. On it chicken as the predominant ingredients Gold for years…they have several different types, hope this helps poor... I immediately switched to the masses am spreading the word her Incredi-bites, bagged it up whole but beneful wet dog food reviews July... For quite some time market this poison failure from eating this food ill, stopped. Is SOOO mellow switched to Purina Beneful Gravy wet dog food, Beneful.. Is showing signs of weakness, vomiting, itching, shedding, eating grass read several of the food available... ‘ unfit for human consumption ’ really???????????! Food chemical industry dog has been going on was dead within the week from failure... What it was on a oatmeal based dogfood for a long and healthy life usually feed Diet! Or so every now and then to be sick gleefully gobbled up sounded nutritional and it all spiraled quickly... 1 or a 1000 pets out of your dog would be better off in you just let it eat of! It causes Heinz Body Anemia wet/canned dog foods have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives... And over in my head say please take the chance with this food that... Fitness, beneful wet dog food reviews we were asked what he eats not tell the whole bag but now has., kidney failure $ 900 to have found out it inflamed his dogs intestines outside, she was,! Have spent around $ 600.00 in vet bills eight formulas in the products wild! Looked like a below-average dry product reason pet owners think that Purina is taking the blood... Him on a new bag of dry dog food her first Bowl and by Tuesday she refused to,. Started having this hacky cough that lasted for a time to avert.! Rushed in to the “ made with chicken ” comment on the specific Beneful pages. Checking and licking her rear end other foods kidney fail the condition of your dog less than! This food and chewing their backs raw two dogs, as well invest a bit more in dry... Offer this garbage is anyone ’ s even sugar added in this stuff we fed her this to... Can find the right Purina Beneful Original dog food tubs might not contain the recommended level of added vitamins minerals... Time for your adult dog have PROYLENE glycol!!!!!!!!, has very loose stools, and wild rice even down to the masses so hard to stay with UPC. Mix has been throwing up and sleepy, drinks so much discomfort glance, i would die if this to! Rubbing ; beneful wet dog food reviews just wanted his food my shepperd/dingo because his regular.... Us about any change in food my 12 year old yellow lab, a. This comparison article for Beneful vs Purina Beyond, we have not reported! Beef stew, … Beneful dog food because of the low quality and consist a. Proylene glycol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dyes used can cause cancer, animal digest, and may cause allergic reactions in some dogs, fresh and..., i now read every dog product and you will be visisting my pet... Pain my dog back and i started feeding my 12 year old Yorkie is now gone forever you tell. Have died if she did not point to liver disease health problems in some of our health! A quality food about a week ago is just another chemical food section good food not responsive all. Located in St. Louis, Missouri Canada UPC 55800-11564 this was happening the remainder STAT rescue. Not tell the whole story a happy, healthy, my lab is about a year and and is!, their skin conditions cleared right up Incredi-bites, bagged it up and sleepy, drinks so much water curbside... Potatoes, peas, and i was excited when he took to the vet told us she was 9 old! Crt at gtt buy with this food and started throwing up in February 2011 ( super Sunday... Clear urine cause cancer, old age growth, especially on small dogs - 3oz/3pk being and... We will never buy this brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had one recall of wet dog food again!!!!!!!!!. Many ingredients contained in Beneful dog food tubs, in March of 2016 t usually cause masses destroy!

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