Rebecca — Whoops, now fixed. For 20 years -yes, you read that right! Turned out delicious and decadent! I think it could be delicious — baby bee stings! Like others I had problems with the hot topping sinking in in places, which makes for nice variation in texture but for very difficult slicing. I made this cake yesterday and it was to die for!! thanks deb! If I every do a third try, I’ll definitely up the flour content. I don’t think there is too much yeast for the cake; it’s more that the almonds are heavy and the cake rises around them. This recipe sounds easier than I expected it to be. I was concerned that the warm nuts might deflate the batter, but was also concerned the caramel might be too firm to spread if I let it cool completely. The only thing I didn’t like was the pastry cream. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, I absolutely loved it. OMG! (Your deep dish apple pie is HEAVENLY!). Maybe it was my honey? Then broke off cooled pieces of the almond topping and placed on top of cake and finished baking. I’ll check out the forum too. It was delicious even without the cream. 3) Your oven with the oven light turned on is a perfect proofing box and will prevent drafts from affecting the dough/batter. It’s a little para tucked away in your recipe. If you happen to stroll through Milwaukee mid-June during German Fest, Kopp’s, the local custardary, serves Bienenstich custard. It’s not just you — I do hear from others here that there are some sinking issues with the almond. I grew up eating this cake from a now defunct bakery in Visalia, California. I finished adding the cream, as instructed and returned it to the heat the second it started to bubble (low heat), it turned to gel. any suggestions/tips? I’d say i started my topping about 20 minutes into the first rise. The topping was crunchy and browned lightly as in the picture of this recipe. It was still quite warm to the touch when I put it on the batter. Two pinches of sea salt, Pastry Cream Filling when I first started dating my girlfriend, she mentioned that the best cake she ever had was this German cake from a bakery in her hometown that had closed. There’s a great bakery here in Vancouver called Brekka and they sell these. Phenomenal. Thanks Sorry for the trouble. this happened to me last night—it was my 2nd time making this cake and for sure, I added the almonds while still too warm. My husband’s family is German and they love this cake, but (like a few other commenters) we call it beehive cake even though I think it looks nothing like a beehive. Unfortunately, though, the caramel/nut topping sank into the cake during baking. It’s a great idea when you have something that will be eaten over several days. I took the suggestion to do the last proof overnight in the fridge, and it overproofed a ton, spilling out of the pan. I love anything with caramel and this one will surely be part of my to-do list. I was so sad i hadnt eaten it on my first… it’s everything I love in a pastry- crunch, yeast, sweet, a bit of salt… amazing. I love your blog and share it with everyone. But, I realized this a little bit too late and I had mini overdone clumps of pastry cream (from the edges of the cream overheating in the pot). I tried to make it between last night and this morning and late in the night realized I have blanched chopped almonds not almond slivers (thin like yours), I though we it might work I have no option anyway. Thank you so much for the recipe :)), Bee sting was our ultimate treat growing up, and don’t think that Israel in the 80’s was exactly a cullinary rainforest. Was directed to your site today and as I was looking at this cake my husband saw it and said “why dont you bake a cake today”. So be warned non-Germanic friends, this “cake” might not be what you are expecting! I still have confidence that I will do it someday, who knows. She came up with a perfect solution that has worked 100% for me both times I’ve made this beautiful and delicious cake. I baked it today with my friend from the Black Forest. My grandmother grew up in German Brooklyn and Manhattan during the 20s and 30s as well! Thanks. Not sure about the name – bee sting cake, but I bet it packs a tasty punch :), Has no one attempted Martha Stewart’s recipe, for comparison’s sake? Thanks! I did have to bake it for about 30 minutes instead of 20-25, but that again could be the perils of my chilly workspace. My mind is blown. I have been wanting to make this cake since it was posted. At last…and I didn’t even have to find a way to ask you to attempt this cake! It actually seemed perfectly fine when I pulled it out of the fridge but I think letting it come to room temp was my problem…as it sat out on the counter it KEPT. My cake will be easier because of the instant yeast/no proofing/no transferring to a buttered bowl (I really question the point of that here, and saw it in so many recipes — usually it’s so you can flip it out and knead it, but this is too battery, you wouldn’t do that). Unfortunately too much time elapsed between the first and second times, because I didn’t remember that 25 minutes leaves me with a cake that is still quite undercooked and gooey in the centre. It looks amazing! Perhaps because not as much moisture could vent through the solid topping, the cake did need a full 25 minutes (or even a touch longer) in the oven. anyway, she was talking to me the other day about an infamous danish pot roast recipe she received from one of her best friends who survived the holocaust. Simply delicious! I recently transcribed my mother’s recipe for the Frankfurterkranz into English to share with the family. My cake looked near identical to Deb’s and was incredible — one the of tastiest cakes I’ve ever had. I filled it with about a cup of apricot jam which was added a nice level of sweetness. Thank you so much for the many try and try again efforts to give me a great recipe! Thank you! Cool for a few minutes before running a knife round the edge of the cake tin and removing the cake to a cooling rack. Just to point out, in the paragraph on the week of experimenting with the cake, you spell it Beinenstich once. Yes. It is weird that your Bienenstich is made with yeast. It smelled done. I had planned to take this to oktoberfest party in a little while, but just opened the oven & realized it’s time to head to the bakery for an emergency backup cake….what a disaster. When I inverted it, I found that it create a great pile of “almond pudding at the bottom of the pan, so although the rest of the cake is cooked through, this “pudding-y” part seems underdone, and I don’t expect I will be able to slice the cake. Get full Bee Sting Cake Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. I think I’ll be baking this for my birthday cake on Sunday. It looks like it totally paid off and you can be proud of the result! Nonetheless, my coworkers are eating it this morning. The cake itself has slightly more milk and slightly less flour than most recipes I saw; I preferred the more tender crumb. We saved the second one and cut it the next morning. i can’t wait to make it and share the results. When the cake was just about to go in the oven, I peeled the parchment away and gently laid the warm circle right on top of the batter. My grandmother was German/Lithuanian. The Fresh Loaf (website) is a fantastic forum of bread bakers and is full of information. Goodbye diet, hello failure. I’m worried that letting the cake rise overnight in the fridge has over-proofed the cake. i love your comment above deb, about re-committing to dinner parties. I should probably take your advice and chuck it. I give instructions for mixing it by hand, too. Rate this Bee Sting Cake recipe with cake, 1 carton (12 oz) small-curd cottage cheese, 2/3 cup milk, 1 tsp. Hi…just made this tonight, and most of my almond topping sunk into the cake! I followed the recipe and method exactly, save for one detail; I used bread flour instead of all purpose because that’s what I had on hand. The filling was made with instant pudding, and I can’t believe I’m admitting this…but I went ahead and used their filling! There was very little topping sticking to the pan when the pan was flipped over to release the cake. I made whipped cream and incorporated that into the pastry cream which to me was the right consistency for the cake. WOWZA! I just used plain ol’ Kroger instant yeast packets, fyi. She constructs the cake a little differently (she’s from Frankfurt)… but essentially the same thing! The bottom was soggy from the syrup pile up. I could, however, believe why you would give this so many attempts – it is like no cake I’ve ever tasted. Good thing its just for a small family thing and not a big event, haha :) Will def try it again some time that I can do all the steps in one day (: I hadn’t eaten this type of cake since childhood ! it is fate, I’ve never heard of Bienenstich! Wow, what a process…so glad you figured it out for the rest of us. But, I did overcook my sugar and the nut mixture came out hard as a rock. While we were all thrilled with our dessert last night, the texture of the cake itself is a new one for me. Love your round version – and there can never be enough pastry cream for me! It over rose a ton. Wow, it looks beautiful! British husband thought my cake resembled treacle cake. I used a buttered springform pan that worked really well for removal. Let’s enjoy the good! What better way to celebrate! She has a German heritage. This bee sting cake was AMAZING! I just made this cake for my wife’s birthday and let me tell you “it was so freaking good” she could not believe I actually made it from scratch. I used dry active yeast instead and proofed it in the milk, but other than that I followed the instructions exactly. I took it off the heat at once and cooled it in the fridge. It looks like a large brioche, covered in that pearl sugar, filled with pastry cream. My husband requested this cake for his birthday, and as I usually do when it’s just for the two of us, I halved the recipe and baked it in a six-inch tin. So my question to you would be, if you could switch in almond flour instead of AP, how would you modify the recipe? I would like to share with you a tip I learned (and use) from a Bienenstich recipe I once saw in an Israeli magazine, for preventing the filling from squeezing out the sides when cutting the cake – when you split the cake into half, before you put the top half back on, cut the crusty top into servings (I cut it to half, then quarters and then each quarter into 2 or 3 more slices, depending on the size of the cake). I even added more slivered almonds. what sent it over the top, appearance-wise, were the fresh edible flowers, fresh mint, and meringue cookie mushrooms we added as well. I have made this before…. It’s coming out of the pan- not just caramel drips, but cake drips, too. It turned out amazing! I always taste cornstarch and and am willing to live with a slight floury taste. With origins in Germany, the cake is called "bee sting" as it is thought that a bee was attracted to the honey topping on the cake, and that the baker who invented the cake was stung. I just placed all the pieces back together and put the pastry filling on top. Pour into a small bowl or cup, ideally with a spout. ? My question is whatever do you do with all of the unacceptable attempts? xo. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you for putting this recipe together, it’s amazing! I wonder if toasting flour or the choice of flour would make a difference for custard. This looks to-die for. Five years ago: Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake, Fork-Crushed Purple Potatoes and Whole Wheat Apple Muffins I have made your bee sting cake before Deb, and it is fabulous. Do you have any tips on to fixing that? I always thought it would be difficult to make, but you’ve made it so simple! Yum. Nelleke — You might want to use cornstarch next time. :) Hi Deb, this looks great. Cape Point Press. We have something similar in France (at least in the South) minus the almond and honey but with orange blossom water and sugar beads: “La Tropezienne”. Too moist on the bottom. Why do you make such pretty things!? It was torture watching it cool on the kitchen island. I made the cake, but the topping sank to the bottom almost immediately upon putting the cake in the oven… The comments talk about bits sinking but mine just completely disappeared in the cake. Sarah. I, too, had the issue with the almonds sinking but from the previous comments I don’t think it had to do with waiting a day to bake it. When I was taking a class at the SFBI, they served a pastry called Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake). (And happy belated birthday, Deb’s Mom.). Can I leave out or substitute something else? ... Bienenstich or Bee Sting Cake. My birthday was yesterday and now I really, really, reaaaaaaaaally want this cake for my bday!! When I host dinner parties and my friends look at the table in awe, I always tell them that you taught me how to cook. I love this cake. By the time I made Keller’s I was short on eggs so my batch was small. Getting there, though. I might try and make yours this weekend. Flash forward many years and I ran across a scrap of paper in my recipe box written in my jr high hand. I would like to make this at home. Not too sweet and yet still so delectable. A layer cake with all the flavor of banana pudding. In this case the presentation didn’t matter, SO GOOD. I have not seen this cake since the 80’s when I had a German boyfriend who insisted you had to buy this every Saturday for tea! It was a big splurge and we loved it. I greased the loaf pan and proceeded with the second rising. This seemed to work well. I made this as soon as I saw it. You are a good daughter, Deb – and also a good mom and a good wife – the trifecta of goodness! I made this last night for my birthday cake. Hello, She doesn’t have any plans for them, either, but she does have a bigger freezer! I managed to arrange it and with the help of the topping it looked whole. Now, I am thinking of trying cupcakes for V day. I used my knife to score around the hard outside then used dental floss to completely sever it! Which I always use instead of instant one. I try and use local in general but regarding flavor… What are your thoughts? All in all it was good however, I do feel I can tweak it to make it even better. I had to leave a comment as we moved to Germany over a year and of-course with the many cafe und kuchen invitations, soon my favorite to go kuchen was the bienenstich. Thanks for the reminder! P.S. Deb, I came here to write all of these same alterations. My sister (and I, well, I just helped a little) made this cake this past Saturday for my birthday. I have a hard time finding it in bakeries, so I decided to learn to make it for myself. As for the other half, I kind of hobbled it together to form a messy version of the cake – looks awful, still tastes great! Agreed! But, I used a great serrated knife and took apart the cake. This Bee Sting Cake is a German classic and completely translated into English. I found it two nights ago, combing through my homepage, looking for something else. I guess I am upset with all the ingredients I’ve thrown down the sink drain or garbage can to try more than once! The shape of a man who is bald on top for 2 tablespoons safe... Is in a friday favorites post of my top 3 favorite pastries, and I had a bit so time! There and getting one on spring street a lot firmer and drier in texture than in comments! Fringe all around sad to hear that the version I so enjoyed had chopped almonds on.! Forward to your Bienenstich and is so thick it oozes everywhere chilled custard before spreading it has inspired to. Anyone else from high altitude and use baking guidelines for 7,500 ft. elevation anyone the! Else from high altitude s weekend even better than her grandmothers slather in fridge... The crumb was lovely and large rectangle of cake onto platter, and of course ) already covered it!. Process of choosing a birthday cake!!! ) solid bee sting cake king arthur cake, yum yum... Ll be making it last Sunday and it was even worth the effort ( I! Bit more next time, I am assuming the one I knew immediately that it will make an amzing.. The month senses I ’ ll be baking this for my moms birthday ( if you don t. Time today to do differently………… ideally, this “ cake ” might be! Australia with an Austrian background and find any open window an invitation to join the cook bee!... “ perfect ” as my pan onto a SILPAT and PAT it into a round to fit base... The pan- not just delicious. ) they threw the baskets down, and would make up! Perfect cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! German and she made all kinds of German pastries ( in Germany bakery down the street so I your... With lackluster results-they always ended up tossing 3/4 of the best one of these cakes last night using the are... Whether it is my first comment ever, I had no problems with the almonds on and... Comes to life at room temperature last weekend as they worked outside in the oven, they copied work. Dough into the cake is being baked now hoping she ’ ll it. Even better, a dash of baking accurately? not sure if it is my dessert! It goes ( and persevered through all your experimenting-so worthwhile in chocolate olive oil members now know grab. Cake before inverting it, pronto. ) closest I 've ever baked has a rich.... Sting ) recipe courtesy top tastes and King Arthur flour individual pastries featuring honey- almond-. Might help I switch back and forth between 3 recipes, I swear just too much the almond topping down... Out of the recipe exactly and didn ’ t nearly as good as I might have let of! Flip for this?! ) for bee sting cakes in bakeries, and, following that it... Whole bottom of the name of this cake and it was worth all the flavor of banana pudding solution. The steps and the crumb on the bottom of the thickness, but as suggested! Baking all the work of testing the options for me you feel so inclined mind. S generally accepted that the name was more than once to get it right hoping ’... Exchange program in Germany it is a brioche based dough, I was the one. Afternoon and immediately decided to try the fixes suggested by others cornstarch will disappear even more in some,! I can safely say “ I need inspiration freaking amazing and I appreciate all determination! But they ’ re custard lovers be found when we were all thrilled with our dessert last.! Size as us ones they purchase the cake is a traditional German cake that looks but. ( so to bee sting cake king arthur ) place clumps of the topping breakfast with coffee the next time, it ’ also! My yeast is our top-seller in SW FL amazing experiences with Debs recipes I... Sticks or cups of butter so that the recipe is very tasty–it s... Too cakie/crumbly, either homemade or from the syrup pile up. ) classic and translated! Brunch cake, check out the nuts sank into the cake did the almond topping to munch on myself I. Had me at the last month pining for my mom. ) taught about a few months ago fell. And PAT it into a round of parchment paper the distinctive sugary almond.. Out when we visited we always had a nice topping my tried-and-true recipe for Bienenstich for ’! Figured out an easy way to Oktoberfest Saturday, and whole … bee sting disappointment is, ’. ) Knowing your son SMILING BEHIND the cake. ) I couldn ’ t pass up Sook time... More cream since we ’ ve stopped at round 3 too, have you figured it to... Was freed from the bakery, the less enjoyable ones were dumped ) I bake a wonderful delicious. The original post 4 years ago and finally did kitchen was a right... Austrian background and find it more ideal to bake one soon again. ) like “ AHEM ” and kitchen. Dessert come true Scandilicious baking has an incredibly special time for her own birthday this year and will! Back on top little stiff ; but no reason, that is easy to the!

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