This is our guide to the best wet dog foods on the market; we hope you find the perfect option for your pet. Dry dog food is far less expensive than canned food, but canned food contains less fillers and preservatives. Wet Vs. Dry Dog Food: Which One You Should Choose? "So if finances are tight," says Dr. Jennifer Coates, "feed a dry food that offers balanced nutrition derived from wholesome ingredients versus a low quality canned food." Both types of foods offer different advantages and disadvantages to your dog. Because canned food contains a higher percentage of water (usually 70–85%) than dry foods (10% or less), dry food is more economical to feed on a per-serving basis. dry food actually scrapes a lot of the plaque and tarter off the teeth and keeps the dogs breath better than what the wet food does (albeit still stinky) a dog who eats only wet food is 10 times more likely to develop some sort of problem of the mouth than a dog that is only on a dry food. Dry dog kibble can contain more preservatives than wet food; if you are considering a dry food diet for your furry buddy, check the ingredients for fillers and additives and never buy the cheapest brand. Wet dog food vs. Dry dog food? “The wet food with higher moisture content helps to flush out the bladder more than dry food.” According to Dr. Elliot, cats often develop kidney disease or become dehydrated as they age. Wet dog foods are an important part of your pet’s meals. Or maybe mix wet with dry? The optimum diet for most pets will be a combination of wet and dry foods. But is one better than the other? Whether wet or dry, complete diets will have daily feeding guidelines on the packaging, based on your dog’s weight. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian to see what’s recommended based on your dog’s breed, current health, and age. This considerable difference affects the shelf life of food products since dry food can be stored much longer than wet food, which, in comparison, goes … Considering the choice between dry and/or wet food from a nutritional point of view, we can say, without a doubt, that if we choose a high quality dry food, the needs of the dog will be totally satisfied. There are disadvantages to the canned variety, though. While dry food content is only 3 to 12%, it is 60 to 84% for wet food. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a dry food for your dog. The dog’s health condition - Healthy dogs can get either type of food, but dogs that have liver and kidney problems or diabetes will have to get wet food. You should always check with a vet before changing up your dog’s diet immediately, especially if they have any sensitivities. For dogs, the opposite is true, with dry dog food accounting for 22% of the market share compared to 18.2% for wet. Final verdict on wet vs. dry dog food: Both wet dog food and dry dog food are both great choices for your pup. Dry dog food are promoting overall dental health while wet food is a good option for dogs with reduced jaw strength. Some dog food brands contain both dry kibble and tender, chewy pieces, which are the soft dry pieces. Pet experts agree that a mix of both dry and wet dog food will give your dog a balanced diet. Wet vs Dry Dog Food (raw podcast transcript) INTRO: Welcome back for another episode of Theory of Pets. Reading a comparison of dry dog food vs. wet canned dog food is helpful when you want to choose one type. And I’m going over my current pet food shopping list: adult kibble for 1 dog, senior or large breed adult for my other dog, canned food as a topper for both, wet food for adult cat w/ history of urinary blockage, and dry food for cat 2 who flat out refuses to eat wet food. Sometimes a combination of wet and dry food can be a good way to give your dog the best of both worlds. In addition, wet foods taste great and a dog rarely walks away with food remaining … They love the taste, and most importantly, they love the smell. I also use shredded chicken thighs, canned salmon … What … Mixing wet and dry dog food or wet and dry cat food is fine as long as both options are of high quality and meet your pet’s nutritional and other health needs. Learn more about healthy and budget-conscious pet food choices at The Final Verdict: Dry vs Wet Dog Food. Debunking The Myths. Dry Food Pros Dry food is definitely the more convenient choice of dog foods for your Rottweiler. Kibble is easy to measure out: food can be accurately and easily portioned to keep diets consistent. Wet Food: Dogs Love The Smell. Wet vs dry dog food? Feeding 10 oz Tubs of Wet Dog Food Give your dog one 10 oz container per 10½ - 12½ pounds of body weight daily, divided into two or more meals. Obese and dieting dogs may also do better on canned food. The choice between the two is mostly a matter of diet or taste preference. On this page: Which pet food is best – wet or dry? Wet dog food can be high in protein, whereas dry dog food has better value in terms of cost. To a dog it’s certainly the best part, notice how quickly they will get through the wet food as opposed to dry dog food or dry puppy food. The advantages of dry dog food are clear. So, when looking at the comparisons, why not both? The biggest benefit to a diet of dry kibble is oral health. Choosing a dog food can be tricky. 17/12/2014. But when it comes to dog food choices, the options are seemingly endless. Wet food is easier for the dog to digest, has more water in it so keeps the dog hydrated, and it usually contains better quality meat than dry. Kibble is easy to store. There is no clear “right” or “wrong” answer regarding the wet vs dry debate, but most owners would probably agree that the benefits of wet food make it the preferred choice for those who can afford it and don’t mind foregoing the convenience of dry kibble. You could choose a wet or dry dog food for puppy health and vitality but you may find that your senior dog prefers a wet diet. It’s a hard decision to make between dry and wet dog food. There are many debates on whether or not dry dog food is better than wet dog food. Some people claim that canned dog food is healthier, while some say that dry dog food is more sensible and not as fattening. Benefits of wet dog food … Dog Food: Wet vs Dry. Mixing 3 oz Cans of Wet Dog Food With Dry Dog Food If mixing with dry food, remember that one 3 oz can replaces about ¼ cup of dry dog food. Statistics from Retail World reveal that wet cat food is more popular than dry – with a market share of 12.6% compared to 6.2% respectively. Filed Under: Raw Dog Food Tagged With: Best dry dog food, Dry dog food vs Raw dog food, Dry dog foods, Raw Dog Food About Dan Dan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping pet parents heal chronic dog health problems with healthier kibble, home cooked and raw food … Just curious because I cant really think of any advantages to it, but maybe Im missing something. Your dog’s food preferences - some dogs prefer dry or canned food … That said, so long as your dog drinks enough water, a solely dry food diet is fine. Wet Food: The Downside. The shelf life for dry dog food is much longer than that of canned food. Dry dog food is generally cheaper than canned food of a similar quality. Some owners decide to adopt a feeding method known as ‘topping’ when you feed your dog wet dog food with some kibble sprinkled on top so they get the best of both worlds. Generally, the nutritional quality of canned food is superior to any dry food. Whatever the case, it is not hard to see that both sides have both their positives and negatives. The dog’s age - puppies and senior dogs should get wet food. Dry food rarely goes bad as long as used within the … First of all, the type of dog food isn't decisive, but rather the content. Besides a "picky eater" or a dog with sensitive teeth, can anybody make an argument on why to feed a Wet or a Wet/Dry mix diet to your dog? How and what you choose to feed your dog is the most important part of making sure they stay happy and healthy. Wet dog food, Sabine Contreras, Canine Care and Nutrition Consultant, goes over a few popular myths of feeding wet food, and leaves us with some tips to keep in mind. For example, most Purina ONE® SmartBlend® formulas combine dry kibble with tender, meaty morsels, which enhance palatability and add textural … A category between wet and dry may be referred to as soft dry dog food formulas. Wet food generally costs more for its volume, so pet parents on a strict budget may prefer dry food to canned for supply reasons. She’s currently only a special diet of hills prescription diet (wet) to address some diarrhea and she absolutely inhales it. You can fill your dog’s bowl up and leave it out for them to eat at their leisure without fear of spoilage. However, there is a bewildering … One of the biggest debates that goes back and forth between dog food specialists is over wet and dry dog food. Quality wet and dry foods are formulated to provide your pet with all the protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to thrive. Dry kibble is also the most convenient type of dog food when it comes to … Wet cat food may be a good way to help your cat stay hydrated if she has other health problems. The main difference between wet and dry food is, first of all, in the different water content. Dry dog food is a hard biscuit that does require some chewing and not as palatable as wet food, however different types of dry foods are made for different sizes of dog. Benefits of Wet Dog Food: Meaty, Moist and Appetizing. Learn about the differences between a raw food diet and dry kibble, and which dog food may be best for your furry friend. Incorrect information about wet food ranges from simple misinformation to outrageous old … Every dog breed has additional nutritional requirements; therefore, you need to keep in mind your dog’s dietary needs while buying any dog food. And with much of it coming down to the personal taste of the dog and the personal opinion of the owner, the debate will most likely continue! I would never feed a complete dry food again, but I would consider feeding 50% dry and 50% wet … Dog Food Debate: Wet Vs Dry. A solely wet food diet is only acceptable if you have great dental care on board, such as 6 monthly scale and polish procedures at your vet, or daily tooth brushing. If you plan to mix wet and dry food, for example, half wet and half dry, the dog should get half the daily allowance of each type of food each day. While both wet and dry foods are excellent options, based on your dog’s age, health condition, and behavioral needs, either of them can be considered as the best dog food.Both types of diets come with several pros and cons, and as a pet owner, you’re responsible … We have a 10 week golden who doesn’t love her kibble. In Part 3 of her series on Dry vs. Misc Help. SPONSORED. Cost is another area in which dry kibble has an advantage over canned food. She will be on the hills for 2 more days and am considering just continuing with wet food for her. Dry Dog Food Advantages. Wet vs. Dry Dog Food. This means that both wet and dry food can provide your dog with all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as long as the ingredients are of a high quality and the composition is right. Both types of dog food have their advantages and … Most dogs love wet food.
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