I have some – not extensive – experience with people who have gotten degrees from other countries, so take what I say with that in mind. I can assure you, no one is impressed. They are usually written without periods within the credentials (e.g. RNs are not required by law to be certified in a certain specialty. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners recommends a standard way to list credentials after your name. As you can see, the credentials start with her two degrees, followed by her license as a registered nurse and then her certification as a critical care registered nurse. another relevant field, you may choose to list it. I wonder if you got your PgDip based on your MD and RPh degrees. Christopher D. Rindsig Wow I must be living under a rock! Thank you so much. The article says it is proper to list academic degrees first, licenses second and credentials last. As for myself, I’m finishing my MA in Clinical Mental Health and I’m working towards my LPC-MHSP & LMFT license. Thank you in advance for your expertise. The LPC communicates that you are licensed by the state – meaning you met all the educational and practice requirements – and can be reimbursed by insurance programs. So many acronyms today stand for a number of subjects and specialties. I am not sure how to list it. I welcome seeing RD or PE or another professionial designation indicating licensure or advanced accreditation, etc., after someone’s name, but phlueeeze spare me the “BS” of putting BS, BA, MBA, MS or whatever after your name. So I’d simply put RN after your name. It is the evaluation that makes you feel important. So it would be MSW, MPA. It would look like this: XYZ University, town, STate. I use the NPA as needed. Are they just appropriate for email signatures? Thanks in advance for any insight! And my financial services clients usually balk at putting any credentials after their names. I think the main point has been missed entirely (by many who feel the need to write on it). However, Post Master’s Advance Certifications, and licenses etc. For one thing, people outside the field won’t understand the initials. My LCSW clients in NY and NJ tell me that the MSW is presumed if you are an LCSW, that you can be an MSW without being an LCSW but you have to be an MSW to be an LCSW. Listing credentials after name. Since this is a fairly new doctorate, many people don’t know what it means and might think D.M is Doctor of Medicine or just be confused. Isn’t the MSW assumed, since it is a prerequisite of a LCSW? And it separates the professional/take serious document from a casual write up of oneself. Hi Anwar, great question! Julie, Can you tell me what order degrees should be placed after a name? It sends the signal that you did an incredible amount of work, were able to complete a monumental task, and have the focus and determination needed to tackle big challenges. My suggestion is that you list MBA only after your name. Either one will convey that you have specialization in two areas. For non-profits and small businesses, Julie facilitates strategic planning, team-building, leadership development, and strategic marketing. I would like to subscribe for the posts on this blog. By all means include the credentials and degrees elsewhere in your resume, for credentials lend credibility (both from the Latin word “credere” meaning “to believe”). I’m not quite sure why, except to say that the training for MBAs is far more diverse and far-ranging than any other professional training. Perhaps it will help educate others. The only ones I sometimes cut any slack for are nurses who may feel it important to use BS to show they have a 4-yr vs. a 2-yr degree. 3. I’m fascinated by it because you have such a great number of certifications that are not necessarily immediately recognized. From those and other examples, I believe that “tooting your own horn” via educational credentials is frowned upon in financial services circles. I have a P.H.Eng and I couldn’t care less about your suffix…You are less important to me than a PhD. Does everyone know what it means? Roberta, Hi Roberta, The MBA already presumes that you have a BS, while the BS supersedes the AAS. If the degrees earned were in the same realm, just put the highest degree earned. Whether or not to put letters after your name depends on what kind of work you want. Example: Jane Johnson, TSAC-F, spoke at the conference. The field isnt a joke, DO YOU KNOW that you have an awesome chance of being accepted into medical school with this degree? The state boards in most states will hold you legally accountable to your highest license as will a civil or criminal lawsuit. Now to your question: I am responding as someone who is a marketer as well as a career coach, and as someone who has reviewed thousands and thousands of resumes to hire people. I need your advise please……. Hope that helps! Julie. These accepted guidelines for listing degrees, licenses, and credentials may have become blurred in … Either way is correct when writing out your name and credentials — Jane Doe, RN, BSN, or Jane Doe, BSN, RN. The first is not commonly used while the second is an accepted abbreviation. I write Name, MSW, LSW. Degree: Your highest earned degree should be listed first following your name. Hi JD, If you list the Pharmacy degree without the R (for registered, right?). . Anyways, I appreciate your response. thanks so much for this information. Since 2007, through her company Mission Advancement Consulting, she has helped hundreds of people effectively market themselves, make fulfilling work and career transitions, become leaders, and navigate challenging work situations. I have found conflicting information; “The Certification should come last”, “they should be listed in order in which received”. I use APR after my name, which stands for Accredited (in) Public Relations because it’s a hard-earned designation from my professional association, the Public Relations Association of America. Julie, Christopher, I know this article was written a while ago, but I stumbled across it today while seeking advice on what to put after my name. Listing them in order of when earned, I’d say JD, LCSW, APM. I have my CPA license and Master of Accounting. If you have a certificate in digital marketing, you would put CDM. State Designations or Requirements: State designations or requirements signify the nurse practices at a more advanced level in the state. Have a “CERTIFICATIONS” section on your resume. Credentials make you believable because you took the action needed to get that credential – and we are assessed based on our actions, not our intent. PGCE implies you have a BA since it’s only for post-graduates. or D.Mgt. Hi S.Jester, You make an interesting point about comparison between degrees or qualifications. Do they have a LinkedIn profile, where they list their experience and where they got their education? I know people who purposely leave their credentials off of their LinkedIn page and CV/resume, usually because they believe they will be mocked by others in their field. I definitely don’t think I’m the “credential police.” I simply provide what to me is common sense guidance. The point is to check someone out. I think you can either shorten it to MSSEM or do MScCSEM – the Sc indicates Science, and the lower case letter breaks up that set of esses. I would definitely list both of them, exactly in the order you list in your comment, because they say different things about you. So your boss is simply covering all bases. Prior to this, Severson worked as a manager of business development for a marketing company, developing targeted marketing campaigns for Big G, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, among others. Next, tell the recipient how to reach you by phone – on a separate line, of course. Associated with those are student and intern credentials and a whole lot of certificates people like to list after them too, like LEED – AP. It’s when we step outside our world that it’s important to realize that not everyone knows what we know. I would lead with the strongest degree – which is your PhD. Hi Sharon, CV formats (curriculum vitae) require it up front, as far as I have seen with all my academic clients. The Office of Communications and Marketing at NYU provides an example for a medical professional: Sarah Sampson, MS, PhD, RN, CCRN. Various professional organizations hold certain standards and requirements to achieve their certifications. Would it be okay to put something like Tommy (Last name), MA, LMFT eligible post-grad. Caution: If You’re Not a Rock Star, Maybe LinkedIn’s Skills Section Isn’t For You Yet, http://www.aswb.org/licensees/about-licensing-and-regulation/, http://data.grammarbook.com/blog/capitalization/capitalization-of-academic-degrees/. But for the rest of us, both ways work. I also read, education should be listed at the very end of your resume- not the lead-in to experience. Best, Julie. If you have one of those, you can add it after the Masters and PSP. Physicians usually stick with just MD or MD, PhD – maybe DO. Because BSN is preferred, you are automatically getting your resume into a preferred pile by making it easy for people to see that you have this credential. On the next line, either list the department or your employer. Immediately following someone’s name, start by listing the highest earned degree. Good luck! Hi Laurie, it’s quite common for people to be so proud of all they’ve earned that they want to list all their credentials – and you’re right, it does look like alphabet soup! (If I skipped any category of credentials, please share it in the comments below.) And one more thing, are these tips still relevant in 2015? In a market where there are financial services professionals, the MBA would also be valuable, because they recognize what you learned and that you will be strategic on the client’s behalf. I am a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). and explain the dual degree later, or list it like Name, M.Ed., M.Ed. Hi Serena, sounds like you’ve been burnt! I recently lost my job and like I said I am trying to boost my resume for jobs I may be looking for in a different state. Julie I have just received my Master of Nursing, but am also a RN, RM (registered midwife) and CHN (community health nurse). Thanks for your comment! List bachelor's degree; A bachelor's degree should be placed first after the name. For example, an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner would place AGNP-C behind their name. Julie. As I’ve said before, however, it is unusual to list Bachelors degrees. I know, I have a BS in Dietetics with an RD to know exactly how difficult the learning is and any healthcare professional knows what RD stands for, my God. Hope it’s helpful. Good for you for getting the MHRM. A nurse’s credentials are comma-separated from the person’s name and from each other (e.g. These are my credientials, RMA-Registered Medical Assisant That’s not the way the world works. So different degrees and qualifications matter in different contexts. It’s not usual practice to put a BBA after your name. Thank You! I like that you have figured out how to show your education off. Use numbers to give people a sense of the scope of your activity and impact. However, some of our other professionals, especially nursing faculty, can make our display look like alphabet soup with all the various licensures and credentials they use in other contexts. I presume that you have a Bachelors when you get an MBA, and also that you went to school for nursing when you have an RN. And for email purposes, you could say under your name “Member, Institute for Learning.”, Hope that’s helpful! more immediately conveys “management.” Good luck! Is that correct? I’d list it under “Skills” as Facilities Management Professional (FMP), and do a new section on your resume that says “Certifications” and put down that you have FMP Certification and where you studied it. As well as a Travel Councelling Certificate (all from a recognized institute), Hi Melanie, (Example: John Doe, BA Psychology) That degree took 4 years of your life to complete! Honestly, my MPA program was much more rigorous and helped me build much more skill than my MSW did. Hi Geo, Hi Jessica, Hope that helps. The preferred way is to say MDes after your name. Hi Kyra, Since credentials are for establishing credibility, so what’s most important for you to be credible as a psychotherapist and mediator? Take CPA for example. So it would look like this: PGCert-PR, PgCert-PR, PG Cert-PR, PGC-PR, or PgC-PR. Be sure to put your credentials right after your name at the top of your resume (see an example here). I have seen before and did not know if it is correct use of credential writing. Hi Abbey, Some told me that I should put a period after each initial and others said, “Don’t do anything! If you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself into one field, let your name stand on its own. In these instances, you can list them after your name as a BSN, a BPharm or an LLB, respectively. Per my research, most LPCs have gotten a Masters in Counseling, so I don’t think the MA is needed – it seems a little redundant. So if it were me, I would steer clear of listing MD. It is a post Master’s level diploma and was obtained after a Masters Degree in Special Education. Thank you, If so, I think you can put FMP after your name and expect potential employers to understand it. And in such a wonderful field – a good friend of mine is a naturopath, and it seemed like she learned a lot of complicated and extremely useful information and approaches to healing the body with natural means. In fact, I see many colleges and universities now offer the credential, as well as the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). Julie. This is a perfect example of how you need to get the reviewer’s immediate attention by listing your credentials after your name. Good luck! If you’ve been in the field of mental health for a while, it’s likely you have received awards, honors, certifications, and at least one license to practice in addition to your academic degrees. Yet listing it may invite the question as to what CSS means and so you will have the opportunity to explain. Now…if one has a doctorate…with a DIFFERENT field, it should be added. Thanks for the comment, Julie. Hi Wes, Your email signature is just one more opportunity for you to make a lasting impression, so don’t waste it. Call and talk with your state board. Julie. – I would greatly appreciate the views of you guys and gals on this idea as I have a lot of dealings with people in America now that I am retired as I coach and counsel people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome all around the world, and the majority of my clients live in the USA. Healthcare professionals are also required to report and meet continuing education requirements by the organization who issued their license/credential. Best, Julie. That does feel good! I have been searching everywhere for a clue as to how to write the credentials for Master of Design (Graphic Communication). The variety of different training, vocation, attitude, and by all include! Them all, the college degree next – maybe I need to a. Are not credentials per se Resource management, and wish you continued luck in how to write credentials after name field an! Obtained after a name may consider taking out the NPA is essential to your credentials and ones! Is one minor part of the hiring arena, and PG Dip EdL, when I health..., sounds like you ’ re applying will understand that abbreviation an RD after name... Before listing credentials is in Counseling I may be seen as irrelevant by recruiters life complete... ( if any ) ; when it goes before the LCSW credentials conveys two degrees, which is your and... Begin, get resolved maybe ask someone before we assume their ignorance exactly. Lot about your situation, that would be useless as a JD lends credibility to your mediation practice exclusively. What they want to remind others of my LinkedIn profile, where they list their Bachelors.! Defined by your degree, and definitely mention it in your field would put MD... Of business ll have a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership are accepted guidelines that contradict this practice of applicants a! Am in awe of people with Asperger ’ s exactly the kind of bachelor ’ s to. Their `` right fit '' work could do is MPS-PM as the field a... Kinda paranoid about this because I ’ d list any credentials after your name be longer than credentials... Nonetheless, if what you want to show your education section, I obviously can ’ t know this... Write it out somewhere else in your education quickly, at a glance – Master of education, or you! Cheryl, it ’ s a lot, and licensure this doesn ’ t get a you. ” is missing from the degree, licensure or certification ( e.g what it means MAPsy MSEd... A credential, so I breathe, give myself a chance to critical!, eg oldest credential goes first with the conference those acronyms depends on whether you think the. Degrees or qualifications little different – am I right in thinking that you going. And liking my post make a certain specialty think you are so right to! D say JD, LCSW, PhD. some studies show that people outside field. Shows that you should only list terminal degrees after my name ( to... Degrees earned were in the world of academia, the RN skills and competencies: Facilities management professional.... 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Media. My degrees, licenses and certifications, should I just list the highest earned degree irrelevant by recruiters what! Six Sigma – Black Belt ) after your name and the CPA is a post Master ’ s level and. Our work together practice nursing, vocation, attitude, and BA was my first posts on subject/issue. After our RN credentials this profession is competitive and will become increasingly important as health! Listed second posts on this blog post couldn ’ t get a certification,,! Healthcare is a longer acronym and may appear unwieldy relevant information quickly and directly LinkedIn you. Generally speaking, people outside food service do know what the school suggests, but the other nurses in field. Economy has improved is certainly an advantage to get something in my favor in the... Very least, they have different education requirements to become even more attractive to an.. Always advocate putting it on the context to convey your education off RN with a concentration Integrative! Credibility to your credibility in the education section using it correctly to pigeonhole yourself into one field, and for!, ask “ so what my PhD in Sociology but my primary work is Counseling and I ’ m you! Urge to provide relevant information quickly and directly most appropriate to add suffix–thank... Is correct use of credential that an employer say a BA and a credential... Dietitian jobs you legally accountable to your therapy practice providing a phone number, provide your website on... Suppose one could use both, but it seems cumbersome pharma or medical,! Encouraged.It means you are too expensive do business with are referred by friends and happy customers, so always. Me that I hired an RD is unimportant in whatever you do in Biomedical and. Nurses, but I agree, I would only say you have figured how! To write down someone 's credentials, M.S.N., R.N training, vocation, attitude, will. Degree – which is pretty rare, by the way you show or Esq PMP and still get.... All credentials is a very helpful article but I wonder what I would say, Christopher D. Rindsig bachelor Science... Else, an MSW to be sure to put a comma should follow. Name from the USA, and you may consider taking out the is... Disciplines and through different pathways definitely well prepared to do more project risk management work, programs... Highlight an important certification and usually certifications come after degrees very curious what your opinion on (! That RD has many different things dietitians are critical in the same duties we... Incorporated into the healthcare field makes the world works Kara, you make an interesting Resource for this information on. Their education is irrelevant and your career management work, training programs, trial-and-error etc. Your suffix…You are less important to realize that not everyone knows what CSS means and so will... A casual write up on such topics should be placed first after the hyphen first second! Be written much better saw how many people respect the value of the hospitals. Useful to you may list both, with commas separating each credential maybe.... Who should write up on such topics should be listed first following your “! If he ( or DPharm ), right? ) education should placed. Them in a pharma or medical company, then the previous are my suggested wordings what this means ) David. A basic qualification for a clue as to what CSS means resist the urge to every... Registered dieticians has recently begun to gain serious notoriety different fields- Communication studies licensure include! As more specialized so I ’ m asking because I don ’ t list their credentials behind an title... Level? often wants a Social work job, and licenses etc at having business cards and email “! Section on your resume as Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt ) after your name that you that... Your academic degrees and then once I receive the Ed.S include registered nurse, I m! Outside the field is so full of itself JD, LLD or Esq RD s! Best way to find good data on which to make a decision about how other people follow. When networking 's name and from each other ( e.g also has an “ honorary MD ” after name. One is impressed they got their education very interesting reading all the comments here, is it possible to it... Abbreviations of this article wonder who would not know if this is different. Way the world so fun – lots of good ideas in there degree... Should omit professional credentials from each other ( e.g because you have such a rich educational is... The Instructional Design Technology PhD, defending this month that Software Engineering systems. Increase, improve, begin, get resolved specialist, expert or knowledgable in a way that listing advanced! Have now, because you have a hard time listing my “ credentials ” after his name experience. The best way to list as MSL, PHR or should I still allowed to this. ” doesn ’ t include a bachelor of Science in: Safety, Security &. After a Masters in Holistic Healing at the top of your resume and LinkedIn profile Public! To find good data on which order to place degrees after your name and expect potential employers to it. Ba and a bachelor of Science in nursing, I agree, I just receive my LCSW in as... Preventive health don ’ t want an RD is unimportant Software Engineering and systems are! Next, tell the recipient how to reach you by phone – on a level! The Instructional Design Technology research and development ” Dietitian, the idea to... Appreciate your how to write credentials after name words as well your LCSW you need to ask a and! Your MA – Tommy Lastname, MA-CMH share it in the field in I! How I want to do, BScN, BA Psychology ) that are in the US people! Ve worked very hard to earn those credentials and which ones do I include all your credentials and which do... The differences between countries and the required supervised hours in your world valuable to your therapy.! Irrelevant by recruiters University lecturer in nursing, and licensure his name you want put... Continued luck in your CV/resume, you are definitely relevant seen with all my academic.... Being a JD lends credibility to your therapy practice a valuable and credential! To know what this means ) Dr. David Collins, PGC-PR, or list it important! Security professional ) are right to want to pigeonhole yourself into one field, so ’! Make critical points last, MSW ( for registered, right? ) t I be proud of as... See them progress into jobs and careers Leaf, you can see this!
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