We welcome the opportunity to help you with any of your floor mat needs. Explanation: There are three parts for spawning to bulk you need to know. We warehouse coconut coir blocks domestically for delivery with lead times a fraction of overseas, at the same competitive pricing. If it’s contam’d, throw that shit out and sanitize everything again. Purchase COCONUT COCO COIR in bulk locally in America, we ship to your drop steps. I’ll break this write-up into 4 main posts. roll standard size 984,25″ x 39,37″ Ökotex standard 100 one side latex 6 rolls per pallet; Coir fiber mat (coco grow mats) Bulk for rolls wholesale Coir fiber mat (Grow Mat) Coir fiber mat (Grow Mat) Also VISIT: Biodegradable-mats.com. I do not recommend “sprayers”, because the force of the water is often too strong and will bruise your mycelium. Coir Mart LLC understands your success is our success. Higher success rate of recovery, compared to rock wool, Recent studies suggest Coconut Coir inhibits, Can be re-used after crop to improve soil, Crops such as roses can be grown for up to 6 years in the same slab, Reduced labor costs due to long-life of media, Lasts longer than bark with no degradation (5 plus years), Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge, Excellent drainage, high cation exchange capacity (CEC), Cuts down fertilizer application up to 30%. Fridge? My Method for creating the perfect Uncle Bens Monotub: I basically follow Bod’s Bucket tek, except I don’t bother measuring my water amounts, and I use a home depot bucket. Historically, shroom cultivators had generally two options for fruiting their mushrooms: Shroom “cakes” from a jar, placed in a fruiting chamber. “Spawning to bulk” in a plastic tub, with a substrate. I felt like an idiot reading shroomery. © Copyright 2010. These pins start out growing slowly, but will suddenly become full-grown shrooms. Mist em and leave em? Coco Coir Mediums There are 5 products. I use the IKEA Samla 1-gallon tubs with lids, and they are perfect. Also, cakes don’t produce the same size harvests as Spawning to Bulk. After mixing, check your substrate depth. End users usually will expand the coir by rehydrating (adding water). Cheers! Alibaba.com offers 954 bulk coconut coir products. Many people cut holes and stuff with polyfill, or cover with micropore tape. 1 brick is enough for like 6 tubs at least. Here’s the bricks I use. Fresh Air Exchange is like Gas Exchange from Part 2 on steroids: you will need WAY more of it when the time comes. Warmer the water, the faster and easier is the expansion. Cosmic Coir Premium Coconut Coir Pith 650 Gram: If I got a 6qt monotub how many uncle ben cakes would I need for that tub? Side and bottom pins aren’t the end of the world, but they are a pain to harvest comparatively. 120x20x4 cm reptile bedding, With clean scissors, cut open your spawn grain bag. Using your fingers, smooth the surface out. 3. You can use ambient light from a window, or a room. You’re a bit confused, lost, or overwhelmed by the whole process, the many different Teks, or even the basics and where to start. If your tub doesn’t have a clear lid, you can cut the center of the lid and tape saran wrap over it. liquid absorbing compound. If infection occurs, the success rate of recovery is significantly better than Rockwool. Just started fruiting conditions 2 days ago and now I'm wanting to go out of town for 3 days. Keep an eye on your tubs now. I love this stuff!. Part 1: Understanding how mushrooms and mycelium grow (Very important, do not skip! Rating: 0%. I don't HAVE to go out of town, and I'd hate to ruin my first batch, but if you think I could leave em in fruiting for 3 days that'd be cool. Spawning to bulk in a Monotub is easy and will get you bigger yields for your spawn grains. Place an entire brick of coco coir into the bucket. It helps maintain moisture levels even better than coco coir, but I have had great success with 100% coco coir. First timer and I appreciate your help and all the work you’ve done documenting this tek. Bucket to pasteurize/hydrate your substrate. This community is also for any other questions you might have! After introducing FAE, you will likely need to mist more frequently to maintain surface conditions as water is removed through evaporation. Discs can also be put in pot and add desired quantity of water. where we do no need larger expanded volume. You do NOT want water pooling on your surface. Coir husk chips are produced by cutting dry coconut husks in to small cube shaped pieces. A lamp or bulb, 6500k, on a timer for 12h on/off works perfectly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, /r/UncleBens is a beginner-friendly community created by Shroomscout to share the "Uncle Ben's Tek" (technique); a simple and beginner-friendly method for cultivating mushrooms without a pressure cooker. You will only have a 12-24 hour window to pick the mushrooms at the perfect time, covered in Part 4: Harvesting. We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive selection of high quality coco mats and coir mats including personalized coco mats, printed coco mat designs, coco welcome mats, vinyl backed coco mats, drag mats and coco mat accessories. I can keep my temp controlled while I'm gone but won't be able to mist or harvest. Very much appreciated explaining the vocabulary that pertains to it as well. Many people use 6 quart Shoebox tubs for Shoebox Tek. Besgrow Profit Coir Bulk pallet [PPK] In stock. Core Coir Product Categories. Optional: If you want to add vermiculite, it’s a good idea. Pots & Containers. To get them to colonize like this, let them sit undisturbed for a few days with the lid on. This coir pith is compressed into slabs of various dimensions and sealed in UV stabilized poly bags. If you add extra coffee grounds, manure, or potting soil to your substrate, I believe you are asking for contaminants. BULK COCO PRODUCTS. Though I get a few side pins every now and then, I can prevent side pins by focusing on perfect surface conditions (more in the next section “The conditions”). Here are some metric conversions (not authorised by OP): Monotubs: At least 2-4 tubs. Royal Coco Peat presents an infinite array of coir products to our clients from various industries. The concept with both Teks are the same: Introduce water, humidity, evaporation, and FAE (Fresh Air Exchange). The conditions: There is some debate as to whether or not you should let your mycelium colonize your substrate first or put the tub straight to fruiting conditions (light, FAE, misting, evaporation). Congrats! Bulk Growing Media "Coconut Coir - Fine" by PlantBest Bulk Growing Media "Coconut Coir - Fine" - An expertly screened, compressed fine grade coco peat block - Minimal fiber - Specially washed to reduce Ec Here’s a great timelapse example from /u/tornadic_Vortex. Inside should be clean, healthy, white mycelium 100% colonized. This is good. We leverage our production to produce consumer packaged products for your private labeling and customer products – creating value throughout the … Coir is the coarse fibers and sponge like pith material that make up the thick husk of the coconut fruit. All our coir products are natural, 100% … It is 100% natural. (300 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet). Do not use hot water over 100 deg. You may need more later. Our flexibility and understanding customer needs and demands are our core strength. Add more coco coir (at field capacity hydration) as needed to reach 2–4 inches. At this point, I cracked the lid. ), Part 2: How to Inoculate Uncle Bens Bags (Inoculation & Colonization), Part 4: How to Harvest, Dry, and Prepare for next flush, (There will also be a TL;DR at the bottom of Part 4), -------------------------------------------------------. Coconut coir growing medium comes from the coconut's fibrous husk (known as coir) that is bound together by lignin (known as pith). A little water is ok. Here’s a video of my pins the day before they were ready to harvest. Break apart with hands until light and spongy. Visiting India, please setup a time to visit for factory site tour to learn more about our manufacturing process and procedure. I’m trying to maintain and embrace BODs keep it simple common sense approach. In this scenario, crack/fan your tub more frequently, and it will dry that pooling up. Coconut coir growing mediums are dehydrated and compressed into a compact form for easy handling. Coir husk chips are proven as excellent medium for growing plants like orchids and in hydroponics, soil less medium growing, mulch and ground covering etc. Diton Inc. is USA based Wholesale Supplier and Distributor of OMRI Listed Premium Coconut Coir Coco Peat Bricks, Blocks, Bulk, Pallets, Husk Chips, Coir Fiber, Coir Mix. If so, what should I do? Here’s my closet. Bulk Coconut Coir We offer bulk raw coconut coir blocks, bricks, and pucks in various sizes and compositions to fit your applications. Question, I thought my bags were fully colonized (by feel and the area exposed at bottom of bag) but when I cut them open a couple cakes were not fully and there was still some rice. Break it apart as finely as you can. Coir Peat also known as Coco Pith or Coir Mulch, is fast becoming the top growing medium of choice for nurseries, hydroponic growers and home gardeners alike because of its superior growing media abilities. You’ve come to the right place! A wide variety of bulk coconut coir options are available to you, With diminishing sources of quality tree bark, these are a superior alternative to bark based growing medium. Description. IKEA Samla 1 gal tubs are perfect. If the uncolonized rice was by the GE hole, it could have dried out before colonization. Vaighai Coco Blocks are available in customised individually wrapped or plain, 4.5 kg and 5.0kg Blocks. Warmer the water, the faster and easier is the expansion. Very low level of EC is attained by repeated washing with fresh water. During this time, you want to focus on “Surface conditions” of your substrate. I only use 100% Coco coir, and it’s been great. Size should be 4-6 quarts for 1-2 bags of spawn, depending on tub height. The substrate. At the bottom of each post will be a summary in bold. Shroomscout’s Official “Easiest Way to Learn Shroom Growing with Uncle Bens Tek”, Part 3: How to Spawn to Bulk (Fruiting). We put special attention to the quality of our products. We are basically doing just that. You want your surface as uniform as possible. The tub. Besgrow Power 70/30 Precision/Husk SSS (BulK) In stock. Is this common, I just disposed of any loose uncolonized rice when transferring, is this okay? The best thing I've bought on Ij Coir for gardening is cheap bulk compressed cocoa coir bricks! I did exactly as you described and it seemed an appropriate action but when everything is your first time it’s all strange. If you have nasty tap water, I’d recommend using distilled gallons for this step. Our coco coir products are organic, guaranteed to be very high quality and very low salt content. 3 6 roll 1112500100 coir fiber Matte – coir fibre – 2500x100cm – Rolle 85,9000 . We take care of the process from designing the package to manufacturing the shipment of the product to the end users. Do not use hot water over 100 deg. A truly exceptional ready-to-use coco peat based potting soil. As a bonus, if you don’t modify (drill) your monotub, you can use BOD’s Floating Harvest Tek to harvest. You will soon get mushrooms. compost amendment, Give them some light. Make it level. After the husk is immersed in water for 6 weeks, the fiber is extracted mechanically, and the pith is left behind as a waste product and stored in heaps to age. Using gloved hands, start breaking apart your “cake” into the coco coir. Let the tubs colonize until knots/pins show up. Also can be custom made to fit into retail “all-in-one” flower packing. Your colonized spawn grains already contain all of the nutrients required to fruit mushrooms, but the grains are 100% colonized by mycelium and won’t be contaminated. Do not use hot water over 100 deg. Cosmic Coir 5 Kg block/ compressed 5 Kg coco peat block is our best selling product. Our coco peat is free from dirt, foreign material and weed seeds. 100x18x4 cm (370 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet) Blue bruising is totally fine, but green, solid yellow, red, and purple are signs of contamination. About 28% of these are Peat. The quick growth of a strong root system also helps prevent Pithium infection. Coconut coir is a lightweight, soilless growing medium made from the fibres found between a ripe coconut’s shell and outer surface. It’s all a balancing act, but feel free to give it a try! Directions for Use: Lay briquette down flat somewhere with good drainage. The conditions. This can be used on farms, greenhouses, horticulture, hydro seed spray, landscape and as a substitute for potting soil. 100x20x4 cm (360 units per pallet and 20 pallets in 40 feet) When using coco peat as growing medium, we highly recommend buffering of coco peat products. Love this community for always being willing to help noobs and thanks again to you. If what we do – COIR SUBSTRATES – sounds like a mouthful, it translates as: a wide range of sustainable products, derived from coconut husks which aids the cultivation of edible and sensitive crops. When you get back crack/open the top up for fresh air again. Coco peat primarily consists of the coir fiber pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing coconut husk and removing the long fibers. INDIA, SRI LANKA, INDONESIA. per page. Like Step 7, you want this “casing” layer to be as smooth as possible. Pack it down a bit if you need to. I’ve had that a couple of times. Read this Tek on surface conditions, for the love of god. Check for contamination. modified, unmodified, or dub-tub? You’ll hydrate your substrate, then make sure it’s at “field capacity”, where it is barely holding water, but is still hydrated. Cosmic coir peat is a premier growing medium and is an excellent alternative to peat moss. Personally, though I had success going straight to fruiting, I often dried out my tubs before they produced pins (baby mushrooms) because my air is so dry here. These coco discs are great for filling small pots at home or in commercial use. This triggers mushrooms to grow. Cosmic Coir 650 gram briquette/compressed coco peat briquette 650 gram is very easy to handle size and popular among the home gardeners. Awesome thank you. animal/livestock bedding, Our coco peat grow bags are used as plant substrates for soil less cultivation, largely used in greenhouses for growing vegetables: tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, strawberries, cut flower production. This made me very happy. In my link above, you can see my first pins coming out of the surface. Biodegradable-mats.com The idea is that the liner shrinks with the substrate as it changes over time, preventing any fresh air or proper conditions from forming on the sides and bottom, where you don’t want mushrooms to grow. Using coco peat helps farmers economically in developing countries like India and Sri Lanka. Then, they’re placed on foil to separate them from Perlite, a waterlogged high-surface-area material that allows for high humidity and evaporation, and given immediate FAE (Fresh Air Exchange). You definitely put some time in to these posts and I thank you so much for it keep on keeping on fam,stay lifted bro! Then, induce fruiting conditions with light, FAE, and misting. In this video I show you guys how to easily prepare your bulk substrate using coco coir and vermiculite. Available in 1 small brick, Large block and in bulk Mon-Fri: 7:00am-3:00pm Some people believe adding extra new nutrients to the bulk substrate will help increase yields, such as manure or coffee grounds. The compression ratio is 2 is to 1, so the expansion is fast and easy. The following pictures show what it looks like after mixing, then casing with coco. Welcome to Coco Mat Supply. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once again, we will not be using this method for Uncle Bens spawn grains (though you can experiment with it!). The durable coconut fiber husk-chips can withstand inclement weather and break down at a more measured and even rate than other bark chips. In your clean monotub, add 1” deep coco coir at field capacity. Coconut husk hold moisture up to 7 times is weight, is durable and is a stable carbon source. 3. b. Continue. Coir is washed, low salts (EC), neutral pH, great quality. How long does this part take? Once you have a solid 2-4” deep spawn:substrate combination, level it out. Raw materials for Grow Bags require special selection and processing methods. I recommend IKEA Samla 1 gallon tubs, or something similar, because they have clear plastic lids. I prefer to not do either; I simply crack my lid with BOD’s Unmodified Monotub Tek. So, you want to grow magic mushrooms. Add a casing layer to make the perfect microclimate for pins. Put the lid on, and let it sit HOT for hours until cooler to the touch. Here’s the timer I use. Your options are 100% Coco coir, or a Coco coir & Vermiculite mix, or the CVG mix (Coco, Verm, and Gypsum). Next, it is washed to reduce salinity to optimal levels and sun-dried on concrete. Briquette is the ideal and handy retail pack for home gardening, horticulture, hanging baskets, troughs etc. Applications include hydroponics, What if you go straight to fruiting instead of further colonization? The 100% colonized cakes are removed from their jars soaked underwater to hydrate them overnight. Since the pith comes from the fruit, it is quite naturally rich in nutrients. 100% Natural, use as Potting Mix, … Planet Coco's peat block is low in EC and have very low salt content. Individual block packing is available upon request, Custom labeling/branding available upon request, 40 feet container (50 liter size 1800 bags, 70 liter size 1300 bags), Palletized bulk shrink wrapped. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. animal/livestock bedding, Besgrow Classic Coir Bulk pallet [PPK] In stock. You DO NOT want standing water, or for it to be soaking wet on the bottom. Coirgro Compressed unwrapped Coco Blocks – 5kg blocks – 650grams bricks – chips blendView Details. If it was in the middle, maybe it dried out there too. Coir America offers wide variety of Coconut coir garden products for your horticulture that ensures highest quality and value. I don’t measure my water amounts TBH. It usually takes me more than a week to see a good pinset. We use coco peat which is exceptionally low in salt (after repeated washing with fresh water) to make this hydroponic soilless medium. Mushrooms don’t need light to grow. We won’t be using this method, because it doesn’t work super well with the irregular shaped “cakes” from Uncle Bens bags. -- Price: lowest first Price: highest first Product Name: A to Z Product Name: Z to A In-stock first sort by Coco Perlite 70/30 50L Coir husk chips can be added to coir peat to increase the air porosity and water holding capacity. I don't even lift the lid to exchange airflow. Very low level of EC is attained by repeated washing with fresh water. In your clean monotub, add 1 inch deep coco coir at field capacity. Ranging from brown fiber to white fiber, we produce numerous products that suit varying applications and purposes. What ratio of spawn: substrate? Drop your temps down from colonization temps (75-79*F), to fruiting temps: 72-76*F. Instead, I went with the first method: I let my bulk substrate colonize, 50-75%, until I saw “primordia”, “knots”, and a few “pins”, then introduced fruiting conditions. reptile bedding, This 1.4 lbs. You are simulating the fruiting phase that occurs in nature. Cosmic coir coco peat based hydroponic soilless media is engineered to allow gardeners to feed heavier for greater yields. Set Descending Direction. This one liter block can be expanded up to 8 liters by adding 2 liters water. Break apart with hands until light and spongy. Show. It’s not the end of the world if it is, though. Is this impossible? Done! All rights reserved. Add your casing layer. Add a casing layer to make the perfect microclimate for pins. 100x15x3 cm (420 units per pallet and 22 pallets in 40 feet) Let briquette sit for 30-40 minutes. We are one of the largest online store for Gardening products like Coir Pith,Cocopeat Blocks,Coco Sticks,Coco Fibre Pot,Creeper Poles,Indoor Decorative Pots,Hanging Basket,Wall basket liners and it can be used for fast growing plants,to save water,For Indoor plant,outdoor Plant.Visit us for the best product & services. Cosmic Coir Premium Coconut Coir Pith 5 KG (OMRI Listed), 2. It’s that simple. I squeeze my coco to field capacity over my bucket, then add each handful at a time. You will add more later. Origin. Help Fund "How to Heal Your Mind" Here: Directions for Use: Lay disc down flat somewhere with good drainage. Cosmic Coir loose coco bag / uncompressed coco peat: Cosmic Coir loose coco/uncompressed coco peat is wonderful product. Our coco peat briquettes are 100% natural organic growing medium which gives a higher volume and is in compressed form. After the soaking period the media is washed with water, this removes the displaced sodium, leaving the calcium in the coir. Break apart with hands until light and spongy. Cosmic Coir Premium Coconut Coir Pith 650 Gram. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times, depending on the packaging of products. Our products include: 1. Our coconut coir products are the best quality and used buy our customers around the globe. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes. This casing layer is critical to help maintain moisture and create the perfect microclimate for pins to develop. Cosmic Coir Grow Bags are rapidly becoming a popular choice for hydroponic cultivation of hot house tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and peppers. Cosmic coir discs are made of our same excellent quality coir peat. Window light and ambient room light is ok too. Add more coco coir (at field capacity hydration) as needed to reach 2-4 inches, and mix thoroughly repeatedly. commercial potting soil mixed, Coconut Coir Products ( www.coirproducts.co.uk) supplies a range of coir-based products in UK that can help with landscaping, erosion control, ground maintenance, and geotechnical as well as gardening, greenhouse, and nursery needs. These coconut husks are the outer layer of the coconut fruit, which consists of long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. If there are a few grains uncolonized, that’s ok. Make sure to brush off these grains and dispose of them properly. Planet Coco's peat 25 KG bale is made up of lightly compressed and easy to loosen up coco peat. This is what I do with my monotubs. Matured coir pith is then processed to remove fine particles and long fibers. Cosmic coir compressed 5 kg block can be used in almost any situation like in commercial potting mixes, home gardens and growers, greenhouses etc. Coco husk’s characteristics like excellent drainage and nutrient-holding capacity helps the healthy growth of plants. Moisture? I add 1-2 bags of Bens per 4 quart tub, and mix in coco coir until 2-4” deep. THEY WILL GROW EXTREMELY FAST at this point, so be attentive! With the addition of water, coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium.
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