Clear Tarps in Multiple Sizes 18 OZ Waterproof Tarpaulin - 100% UV & Weather Resistant Vinyl Coated PVC Tarps - Perfect for Curtains (8' x 10', Clear Tarp) 4.8 out of 5 stars 49 CDN$ 119.99 CDN$ 119 . For example, if you plan to use your tarp to cover brush you take to the dump, your main concern is containment. Vinyl w/Reinforced Edges (7' X 7' Feet, Gray) in Tarps. Our vinyl tarps are 100% waterproof and resistant to UV rays, abrasion, and tear. These are stronger than clear tarps and they let a significant amount of light through however the visibility through the tarp is blurred. In a case like this, you can probably get away with a poly tarp and save yourself some money. C $79.04. for vinyl tarps heavy duty waterproof. This tarp is commonly used by roofers, contractors, schools and the US military. Add to Cart. Super Duty ROUND Silver/Black Poly Tarps ... Waterproof. Shop with confidence. Our vinyl tarps contain UV and cold crack protection. A such, our solid vinyl tarps are not suitable for application where you need to see through the tarp. Shop with confidence. For this application a mesh tarp is preferred over a solid tarp because it won't catch the wind to the same extent. They are durable and versatile utilized for industrial, equipment, storage, transportation, and domestic purposes. Custom Tarps. If you are unsure about what you need please call us or use this form to send us your questions. These billboard vinyls were once advertisements on a billboard and can now be used as tarps, coverings, awnings, pond liners, RV covers, and more. Unlike poly tarps which are relatively light, vinyl tarps have sufficient weight to help them stay put even when they are not tied down. Free Shipping to Lower 48 States. Some applications don't require a waterproof tarp. This vinyl tarp is by far one of the best out there. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The vinyl tarp is ideal … Ideal for salt trucks or other dump trucks that carry cargo that must be kept dry. This allows us to make vinyl tarps that are virtually unlimited in size (baring weight constraints). Brand New. Vinyl tarps look similar to polyester tarps. $124.99$124.99 ($0.29/oz) Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 4. Vinyl tarps cost more than typical poly tarps but they also adhere to the old adage "You get what you pay for". Vinyl tarps are 100% waterproof and remain so for many years. Waterproof tarps include vinyl, poly, and canvas that come from high quality material and coated with compounds that stop and repel the damaging affects of water and other liquids. Configure a Canvas or Vinyl tarp in any size, shape, weight: ORDER NOW >> VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: bring the box into a 70 degree office and let the contents reach ambient temperature BEFORE unpacking and unrolling the curtain (could take 24 to 48 hours with the box top open)…it will get SUPER COLD while in transit with UPS and this product needs to be at room temperature before unfolding … Waterproof Canvas Tarps not only resist water, they are strong and breathable used for tasks such as equipment covers, boating, and firewood. Our 20 mil Custom Clear PVC Vinyl Tarps are made to order just for your requirement.The clear aspect is such an essential when you require visibility. Nevertheless, there may be times when the extra cost cannot be justified. 1 product rating - 12' x 16' Vinyl Tarp 13 oz 15 Mil Heavy Duty Waterproof PVC Cover Pond Liner. 16' x 25' Vinyl Tarp 9 oz 11 Mil Waterproof PVC Cover Roof Boat Lumber Shelter. Vinyl w/Reinforced Edges (3' X 5' Feet, Black): Tools & Home Improvement Re-purposed billboard vinyl Waterproof, UV protected, heavy-duty coated PVC vinyl Average t Vinyl tarps come in a wide variety of colours including black, white, grey, red, blue, green, yellow, tan, etc. In that case you will need to go with our clear vinyl tarp material. Our vinyl tarps selection ranges from flame retardant vinyl tarps, vinyl coated tarps and vinyl trailer tarps. Mesh Tarps are used when you want to allow water and/or light to pass through the tarp. 4.3 out of 5 stars 32. Vinyl tarps offer the following key benefits: Given all of these benefits, you might be wondering when you would not want to go with a vinyl tarp, let's go over some of these reasons. Tarps, especially heavy-duty tarps, are usually waterproof or water resistant. Tarp, Heavy Duty, Gray 7' X 7' Feet Waterproof, 18 Oz. The first thing to … We're pleased to offer a wide selection of covers and tarps direct from the factory to business and consumers through North America. However, vinyl, made from salt and ethylene, is stronger, sturdier and more water-resistant than polyester. Choosing the right tarp for your home, business or job site can be critical to protecting important assets. Waterproof Poly tarps are the most economical waterproof covers providing strength and shield for almost any requirement. Vinyl is also more environmentally friendly than polyester. Usually made of durable plastic or waterproof canvas, a tarp’s basic function is to protect an exposed object or cover an area. Vinyl is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. For applications like this wherein the weight of the tarp is a big consideration, a poly tarp might be your better choice. If you require assistance, be sure to provide us with detailed measurements of what you need. These vinyls are made of heavy-duty, waterproof, UV protected PVC coated vinyl. Many waterproof tarps are available in a host of colors, weights, grades, and can have optional special features such as fire retardant and reinforced material. Watershed Innovations Super Heavy Duty Waterproof 16Mil Thick Reversible Tarp, White/Brown. Best for boat dock tarps, canopy tarps. Call Tarps Now to discuss how our selection meets your demands. Just use our contact form to tell us what you need, and we'll write up a personalized estimate for you. Tarp, Heavy Duty, Waterproof, 18 Oz. Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp Qualities. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Includes a pocket on one end to insert a standard roller mechanism. You should always make note of the weight shown and make sure you can manoeuvre a tarp of the indicated weight. Manufactured of high quality material and craftsmanship, many of our Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps are Made in the USA and offered in a variety of colors, … You can upload photos related to your project. Some applications require a breathable cover, that is, one that is porous to allow air to pass through. Vinyl is also remarkably strong, making vinyl tarps extremely resistant to abrasion, tearing, and wind whip. Vinyl Tarps are available in several grades, weights, and colors in standard and custom option sizes. . Mesh is also a popular material for use in shade tarps. This is a waterproof roll tarp with side flaps and elastic cords used to hold down the flaps. A tarp is simply a piece of material that’s used to protect exposed objects or areas. If you are carrying your tarp on a long backpacking camping trip, chances are a vinyl tarp would be just too heavy. Vinyl Tarps Super Duty 18oz; Roofers Tear Off Tarps. If you want to cover an outdoor area, Canopy Vinyl Tarps are perfect. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Vinyl tarps are 100% waterproof and remain so for many years. Our vinyl tarps are waterproof, Made in the USA and have a high abrasion resistance. This is why we always show you the weight of your tarp during the ordering process. Please note that if you just need pricing, most tarps can be priced and ordered directly on our website. Our custom tarps are available in a wide variety of materials and colours. protected and tear-resistant to give you long-lasting use for years. Sh000ad Canopies and Tarps Clear PVC Tarpaulin Cloth,Tear Resistance Waterproof 0.35mm Vinyl Transparent Awning Canopy Patio Enclosure,Anti-Aging Insulation Soft Glass Tarpaulin (2.4x6m/7.9x20ft) 4.7 out of 5 stars 4 CLEAR VINYL TARPS. Vinyl Tarps are … Clear PVC Tarps. Vinyl is a denser material, giving vinyl tarps more weight than their poly counterparts. Materials generally fall into two main categories: Solid Vinyl Tarps are used for waterproof coverings such as Utility Trailer Covers, curtains and room dividers, UV Protection, roll-up doors, equipment covers, etc. These waterproof vinyl tarps are manufactured as Full, Finished Size Tarps. Whether at home, construction site, farm or warehouse, our high quality dependable covers are perfect … We have (15) different colors available. Waterproof Tarps. Vinyl tarps are recommended for all applications that require a durable waterproof cover. 154 products. Manufactured of high quality material and craftsmanship, many of our Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps are Made in the USA and offered in a variety of colors, weights, specialized features, and standard sizes. CCS’s line of Vinyl Tarps are waterproof. High Tear Strength. We offer our tarps in an assortment of styles, colors, sizes, and weights and have numerous uses. As a cotton material, our canvas tarps are breathable but, unfortunately, this also means that they are not 100% waterproof. These are still made out of waterproof vinyl but they do not have the internal mesh scrim so they are not as strong and durable. They are tough against tearing and abrasions. You’ll find a huge selection of polyethylene, nylon, cotton, cotton canvas and vinyl tarpaulins in a wide range of grades, sizes and colors. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Please note that we currently have a large number of golf simulator screens in our production queue. They also resist oil, acid, and grease. Grizzly Tarps 12 x 16 Feet Blue Multi Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp Cover 5 Mil Thick 8 x 8 Weave Heavy duty vinyl tarps can last up to 10 times longer than standard poly tarps, making them worth every penny of their price. 99 Clear Tarp,Heavy Duty Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaulin,9 Mil,PVC, Rot, Rip and Tear Proof Tarpaulin with Grommets Multi Purpose for Gardening Camping Traveling (6.5x5.9ft) CDN$ 36.99CDN$36.99. Tarp Material: woven reinforced polyethylene, silicone oil treated polyester canvas, vinyl coated polyester Custom waterproof tarps available upon request. A white vinyl tarp will let a certain amount of sunlight through but generally speaking vinyl tarps are opaque. Generally speaking, vinyl tarps are heavier and somewhat more heavy-duty than poly tarps. Strong UV Resistant. Heavier weights are also available for applications such as. Tarp Supply 18oz Super Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps18 oz Vinyl Tarps at 22 MIL thickHeat Sealed SeamsRust-resistant spur brass grommets every 24 inches on all 4 edges and corners for easy and secure tie-down100% waterproof; UV resistant; highly abrasion, wear, tear, and mildew resistantCut Size (Finished Size is about 6 inches or 3-5% less after edges are folded and hemmed)Choose from … Get it by Today, Oct 10. Ideal for High UV Areas such as California, Arizona, Florida and Texas. Use durable tarps from Grainger to help cover items that need protection from environmental elements, construction dust, interior decorating and more. Let's say that you discover a leaky roof and it will take a few weeks to have it repaired. Some vinyl tarps are also coated with polyester … These vinyl tarps resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. These covers are utilized when guarding against the damaging effects of water and other hazards is important. Clear vinyl tarps are excellent for use for outdoor residential areas such as porches and patios. Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarps. Poly Tarps. The main reason for using breathable materials is that non-porous materials such as vinyl can prevent evaporating moisture from escaping, thus resulting in condensation forming on the inside of the tarp. These covers are utilized when guarding against the damaging effects of water and other hazards is important. Find great deals on eBay for tarp waterproof and heavy duty waterproof tarps. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Our heavy-duty clear tarps are waterproof, decay proof, mildew resistant, acid resistant, U.V. Xtarps - 16 X 30 - Gray Color 18oz Heavy Duty WaterProof Vinyl Trailer Tarp with 10 pcs 9" Rubber Bungee.. $314.98 . Our heavy duty tarps weigh 10 ounces per square yard. (Note: To upload multiple photos under Windows, hold down the key as you select images.). Vinyl comes in different weights and thicknesses, while 18 oz vinyl is our most popular material you can go with a lighter weight for applications where an 18 oz tarp would be too heavy. Vinyl tarps contain an internal scrim fabric that makes them extremely tear resistant. XTARPS - 10 x 12 -Waterproof, Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarp, 18 OZ Gauge, Great for Truck Cover, Equipment Cover, Roof Cover, Construction Cover, Kennel Cover, Hay Cover, Camping Cover 4.8 out of … Some top features of our Vinyl Tarps include heat-sealed seams and rust-resistant grommets along with UV ray, abrasion, wear, tear, and mildew resistance. Clear For Your Convenience! Count on these super heavy duty tarps to do the job, especially in frigid winters. Therefore, for waterproof applications we always recommend vinyl tarps and in situations where condensation is a concern it is best to combat this by taking steps to ensure adequate air flow/circulation under the tarp. C $50.06. Vinyl can be heat welded onto itself to form a waterproof seam. Find great deals on eBay for waterproof tarp. The products include Waterproof Canvas Tarps, Waterproof Poly Tarps, and Waterproof Vinyl Tarps for both outdoor and indoor applications. Vinyl Tarps - Customer Service - 1-630-953-4700 - Contact Us - Returns and Cancellations - Site Map - Shipping - View Cart There are also custom options to match your specific dimensional and spacing requirements. The most popular waterproof products are Waterproof Vinyl Tarps.
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