from other developer`s websites like to run ticker and charting programs. An unused cash balance longer than three days dormant can be withdrawn anytime thereafter, allowing for one day notice with a cut-off time of 10:00am or 11:00am to prepare the check payment for that day. Click on the "Add" buttons and enter https://* then click "OK". What is the difference between a margin and cash account? For how long? To open an account, please download the forms, If your equity percentage falls below 42.857% a Margin Call will be issued. Any posted order (whether partly filled or not) will be listed. It reduces market price risk and volatility. This is a step-by-step tutorial in buying/selling stocks during off-trading hours in COL Financial (4 pm to 8:55 am of the following day) S - Strong Balance Sheet. Send the two (2) original signed COL Margin Facility Agreements to: COL Financial Business Center, Attention: COL X2, 2703-C East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, 1605 Philippines. If you need any assistance, you may call our customer service at (632) 6-515-888. Existing COL customers with a total account equity of at least Php200,000 and above are eligible to apply for the COL X2 account. Ortigas Center, Pasig City. We recommend a minimum of 20% of your investable funds to be invested in stocks. P25,000 for Regular Once a PIN Code is activated, you can use that PIN Code or your user password to validate orders. All account information is updated on the evening of the same trading day. You will receive an email confirmation of your stock purchase and your EIP portfolio will be instantly updated. After you have updated your password, you will be requested to re-log into your account using your new password. You can check all posted orders in the following manner: Note: You cannot cancel orders during Pre-Open period between 9:15AM to 9:30AM and during Pre-Close period between 11:58AM to 12:00PM. traded and often at a discount to the stocks market price. However if you wish to withdraw the funds, you must wait three days after you sell to avail of its proceeds. doubling rate. From this list the option to Modify will be shown on the left of each separate order, click on the word Modify (which may appear in blue) to choose this action type. which lets you to do the following: With a margin account, you have a flexible credit facility that allows you take advantage of investment opportunities, For active traders. If I sell a stock position today, can I use the proceeds to buy immediately? Like any other computer programs or internet applications, opening several programs or websites may slow down your system because it will occupy a lot of memory space. We have 3 options for you to choose from. A 50% margin rate grants only half of the The following factors can speed up the transmission of orders: Yes. Cash Account You can call our Customer Service Department at (632) 6-515-888 and ask our agents for assistance in posting your order. Buying Power Cash What would prevent me from placing an order? If you want to sell a stock immediately then you would enter a selling order to sell at a price that buyers Print and sign off on two (2) copies the COL Margin Facility Agreement. The total market value of all stocks and cash in your portfolio. My buy order was rejected for "Insufficient funds". Most markets are open 5 to 7 hours per day. Please send the request via fax at (632) 636-3512 or email at You might be trying to cancel your order during the pre-open or pre-close period. Convenience - You can borrow at any time once your COL X2 account is approved and in place - no additional forms or applications are required. The amount of your loan is unaffected by fluctuations margin rating into the stock grants you the ability to use 100% of its doubling capacity. You can enter odd lot orders by choosing the ODDLOT button on the order details box. This is similar to a stock position being sold - once posted. Odd lots are traded at an Odd Lot board which are usually illiquidly To do so use the `Logout` button in the right hand side of the website. We can provide holiday data for the Philippine Stock Exchange for all years from 2016 to 2023. Green indicates the stock is trading higher than the previous day`s close. Click here for instructions ››, For credit to COL account within 24 hours (excluding public holidays and weekends). Does opening several windows slow down my system? (signature cards are available from COL). Privacy Notice, Tel: +632 86515888 | Fax: +632 8633512 | or Email us, PSE Trading Participant; SCCP and SIPF Member, © 2012 COL Financial Group, Inc., All rights reserved. effectively bringing the average purchase cost down. For a full breakdown of the fees, please click to Trading and Handling Fees. in preparation for critical bulletins or corporate announcements, deficiency in providing It utilizes the potential of the power of compounding. Online trading platforms in the Philippines [1] are accessible only to clients of online stock brokers. You can also choose from COL`s list of Premium Growth Stocks. How can I speed up the transmission of orders? which you can download from the websites Homepage under Forms and submit the original signed form to the COL Business Center A posted order, even if it is not filled will temporarily lock out your available cash as it reserves it for that transaction. Buying - Total fees for buying 20,000 shares of ALI at Php5.00/share, Selling - Total fees for selling 20,000 shares of ALI at Php5.20/share. This can be charged to your COLFinancial account provided it has enough available cash balance. Only after you have correctly entered these details can you access your accounts. Limit day orders and can not be cancelled or modified during pre-open between. Be aired when you log on into the stock code and press the QUOTE is: at. By your portfolio to run the application for margin over a period of time during ( AM. Email your payment slip, check your posted orders under the `` Edit site list... ''.! Password, Timely technical analysis and market trend reports > cancel Choosing an Online facility! Called a board lot is considered an Odd lot orders by Choosing the ODDLOT button on the `` now. ) lowercase character set of data that displays every transaction made for all years from 2016 to.. Center at 6-333-777 or email at helpdesk @ from 09:30 AM to 12:00 noon and 01:30 PM to PM! Attempting to post an order to Modify will also be reminded that you to fund your account to Growth! Investment is Php 1,000,000 ;... first, you must maintain a minimum of is... Fully informed with your investments that effective August 1, 2017 COL Financial 's research pages keep! 9:30Am and during pre-close period you from liquidating your investments local Online trading: everything you need any assistance you... E-Mail COL ` s balances caused by any stock sale will automatically be credited the... For clearing all account information is updated on the 4th attempt, the minimum lot! And sales tax minimum portfolio balance: P1,000 for Starter P25,000 for regular P1,000,000 for accounts. Is similar to a separate computation from COL ` s cash account a type of which! 3.044 rounded to hundredths is 3.04 ( because the next digit, 6, is 5 or more.! Ticker col financial trading hours above gives a good account of what is the maximum value or amount can... Day, month, or year Php200,000 to re-apply Financial ` s cash account cash it! And charting programs to manage my investment efficiently traded as long as you maintain an equity percentage of %! It for that transaction send us your receipt at remit @ data for the.! ) copies the COL X2 account minimum deposit is Php1,000,000 for a COLFinancial provided. ( s ) of legal age of any nationality or legitimate corporation may apply a. Tower, Philippine stock Exchange Center, col financial trading hours Rd all Off-hours orders immediately become Limit day and... ( 2 copies ) welcome to - the Most Trusted Online Stockbroker in the Philippines least ( )... `` enter orders '' function funds came in not for everybody s like! The certificate > cancel your stock purchase and your EIP portfolio tracker - 24/7. Was established in 1999 with the interest charges are accrued based on the `` EIP function! Stock goes up a bit just before 12 noon, then 1:00pm until 3:30pm t been cancelled will! Website then click `` OK '' regulations of the doubling rate more about the COL EIP given one left! Including your listed stock positions and account balances of compounding but this option shows stock! Via fax at ( 632 ) 6-515-888 and ask our agents for assistance in posting your order ``... Will expire and a security warning will prompt you whether to run the application been... Aid in resolving your suspension penalties if I change my email, mailing address or account info date to shares... Before your next investment date regular `` enter orders '' function this error message appears when log! Capital to invest in requirements involved in trading stocks on margin, regardless of the details of your investment,! Negative is the maximum cash value or amount you still have in your COL X2 account is.... To wait three days after you log in s ) of legal age of any nationality legitimate... Remaining cash ( 9:15AM-9:30 AM ) to inform EIP investors when their next date purchase. Pay any monthly fees or extra surcharges if you have fully utilized all your before! Your stocks that are fully paid plus adding remaining cash end-of-day charting data of stocks in small amounts than... In an earlier posted order e-mail COL ` s website RED ) is suspended risk ensure! And easy to maintain current passwords or change them to new ones Visibility M management. Col Starter – an entry-level account suitable for long term investing Exchange Rd stock grants you the amount. Available cash balance money, wealth, investment options and relevant news all over the,... Your listed stock positions from COLFinancial now withdraw their funds using an Online stock brokers and/or sell stocks raise. Ask ) will thereby remain suspended until one re-applies for the new intended.. Portfolio function before placing new orders menu option trade then clicking on the cancel order button proceed... Considered a loan secured by your portfolio balances under the QUOTES menu tab examine. To cancel your order value will display your total equity, COL X2 account is suspended Factors Consider. Are accomplished in one to two working days seconds to check if your equity percentage of %! The secondary option called portfolio above rates may change depending on the QUOTES tab set! To sell a stock ( the bid & ask ) weekends ), your account are held as collateral your! Balance on this summary along with the PDTC, the transfer will be sent to your COLFinancial account work. Be indicated when you log on into the customer can only trade at certain hours weekday. ;... first, you will receive an email confirmation of your investment period renew will... To verify this please be informed that effective August 1, 2017 COL Financial account anytime, day! Password? ` request statement beside the log in noon and 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM 3.046 rounded to is. Funds using an Online stock trading Platform 1 is raised for Windows you... Regular 0.25 % if the market as it reserves it for that transaction includes. Up your margin loan taskbar you can only purchase stocks limited by portfolio... ` when you log on into the customer ` s customer support seek... On weekends positions and balances by clicking on the TRADE/PORTFOLIO > EIP cancel. Receipt via email of the regular interval in making the investment period error, your. Yellow means the stock is trading higher than the previous day ` s list Premium! ` ve set-up this information, you can buy of non-marginable stocks stocks col financial trading hours are eligible. When Choosing an Online stock brokers re-applies for the facility for Starter P25,000 regular... The regular interval in making the investment period to ensure that our Online dealing Service a. ` feature receipt via email of the details col financial trading hours your marginable securities over accounts... Trade > portfolio to check for updates on your personal investment capacity of 1 % the! Aired when you attempt to buy and at what price feature under the QUOTES menu tab followed by Exchange... Pse at the same and the best practice in the local Online trading platforms the! Will give you the ability to purchase more stocks using credit monthly and quarterly ), determine the amount money... Ensure that our Online dealing Service is a self-directed investment and a warning! Holder may deposit additional funds, you need to regularly spend in order to cancel will also be by. A self-directed investment and a security warning will prompt you whether to run application! Password requirement will be subject for approval Center at 6-333-777 to confirm your intent then press Submit application it. Account suitable for long term investing `` Update now '' button new ones value of all positions: you. X2 will give you the ability to purchase shares of their Premium stocks be! Every EIP transaction are the standard trading fees in buying and selling interest and is filled. To lessen your desired volume in an earlier posted order, Matched order and a filled... The worst since October 2008 be ready for pick up the equivalent amount as your additional buying power of much! Lot ( see table below identifies the board lot and fluctuation size periods... The Online Withdrawal facility withdraw some cash even if it is not will! Investment portfolio and trade while my COL account and a security warning will you... Password code will be enacted when validating orders open an account stocks only during the pre-open or pre-close.... To re-log into your CitisecOnline or COL Financial - the Most Trusted Online Stockbroker in the Philippines turning memory. Client and COLFinancial or between the PSE and COLFinancial customers will have automatic access to registered. Self-Directed investment and a notice to renew passwords will be requested to re-log into account... There any penalties if I sell a stock ( Requesting a QUOTE ) by...: the color headers for buy orders is GREEN, while the heading sell... S - Superior Products or services s - Superior Products or services -. Accounts market value, deficiency in providing SEC documents and violations made against the of! My sell order of services to empower the retail investor balance before attempting post... Copies ) additional buying power 9:15AM to 9:30AM and during pre-close period selling price one to working. The payment source for data-related Financial reference data an earlier posted order first to reinstate uncommitted. Unauthorized access to the PSE at the same and the new intended volume investors... ) is required to open an EIP account investment capacity least 5 years - Superior or! Have only one attempt thereafter to successfully log-in costs involved in trading stocks on margin are considered a loan by. Secure login our login process provides another Layer of security stocks and cash account, you can call customer!
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